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Dark Knight

The Beginning of Tommy Winchesters Story.

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Tommy was an orphan, spent most of his time in one bad foster home after another, his teachers would often tell him he wouldn't amount to much.... that he was a nobody. This continued through his childhood. 

Tommy's teenage years were the worst, he was bullied daily, one bully even put him in intensive care with three broken ribs, a broken jaw, a dislocated shoulder blade and had even cracked the back of his head wide open with a chair. Up until that point Tommy hadn't been a fighter, sure he would do his best to defend himself and other but he wasn't a fighter. 

Tommy was tired of being the lowest in the food chain and had decided one day to finally push back..... But Tommy pushed a little to far, he had murdered the boy that had put him in intensive care, murdered him, with his bare hands.

Tommy was arrested and taken to court where the judge gave him two options. 

Option 1 - Go to prison, until the age of 45 and never have a chance to work.

Option 2 - He is to be sent to Chenarus, where he will live and can never return to the UK again.

Tommy chose Chenarus. 

He was 17, he had murdered someone who had caused him pain, and he was being sent to country he didn't even know existed. 

18 hours after his flight had landed he was at his new home in just south of Gorka in the middle of the woods, he could see that whoever had occupied the house before hand was a slob so he got to work cleaning the house. 

Half way through cleaning the house he was pulling things from under on of the beds when he felt a cold steel barrel, he slowly pulled out the steel barrel and realised he was holding an original Winchester Model 70. 

He was in awe, he set it down on the table and continued to clean trying to be as quick as possible while taking care not to miss any trash.

Shortly after cleaning the house he was satisfied that the house was clean and he went back to the Winchester examining it, first the chamber, 5 rounds chambered, the barrel small amount of rust nothing a good clean wouldn't fix, the wooden frame in pristine condition. 

That was when he decided, he had decided to learn how to use this rifle in his spare time between his Chernorussian speaking lessons and seeing as he wasn't doing anything right now he decided to test fire the rifle. 

He went out set up a few cans as targets, went 50 meters back, re-chambered the rounds and fired. 

The shot knocked him onto his ass. He tried again taking up a stronger stance. Again the same result.

In a blind rage he went inside and threw the gun into the wardrobe and went to the front room to make a fire annoyed that he kept getting throw on to his ass.

End of part 1.

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That was an exceptionally solid read, but one part did stick out and made my grammar nazi come up.

"Up until that point Tommy hadn't been a fighter, sure he would do his best to defend himself and other (there should be an S here right?)"

I really did enjoy it though. I'm looking forward to part 2!

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Thanks, and I just noticed that mistake when as I was scrolling down

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