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The War Z

Guest Mirshan

Thoughts on The War Z?  

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Guest Mirshan


[align=right]"The War Z is the world's first survival MMO in a zombie infested world.

You may have played games before – now it's time to live one".


So, any thoughts? A simple DayZ wannabe or something to look forward to?

As for me, I definitely want to try it out. DayZ is amazing but it does have lots of problems. If War Z turns out to be just a copy but with better realization, I'm in.

The official launch is planned on this fall. The closed beta will start by the end of summer.

war-z_10.jpg war-z_11.jpg war-z_12.jpg war-z_13.jpg

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Guest StanOldMan

I've voted the second one. It's too early for me to know something about this game. For sure, now looks awesome, and everybody will think about "dayz is full of bugs, probably this would be better..", but i'm not with this one.

First of all is too easy using the success of another game to promote your new one, you can hate Rocket for too much control on official server of DayZ, but he has this idea first, and DayZ for now is only a MOD not a game sponsored by official trademarks..

Second, i don't really know the HammerPoint Interactive and i don't know nothing about which graphical engine they're using, and how their game can be (playability, longevity, controls and so on..)

I really hope that in the early future we will have more gameplay videos and, why not, a demo of the game.

For sure i will keep my eye on this WarZ, but i will continue to support DayZ till is actually complete..


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  • Legend

This looks really awesome :o I just hope it wont be dissapointing.. I hate getting all excited, and then you try it, only to find out that the controls are either ported from consoles to pc, or the creators didn't think creative enough..

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  • Server Manager

It's all hyped because of the DayZ's popularity. I bet it will be arcade multiplayer shooter with zombies, something like L4D but with bigger world. I don't have high hopes for it, but I signed for the beta to test it out.

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I voted "Don't know yet, will wait for reviews." because even if DayZ if still an alpha (really?) I always have the feeling of an incredible idea/mod not perfectly implemented.

For example, I'm not really good in PvP and I'm forced to PvP? Nah.

Or, private servers are illegal? Really? So you force me to PvP? Nah.

WarZ seems different in this. Not sure.

it looks sick, already signed up for beta long ago

Is that good or bad? Urbandictionary says it's bad. :(

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Guest Mirshan
I bet it will be arcade multiplayer shooter with zombies

Got to admit, for me part of the appeal of DayZ lies in its hardcore gameplay. When I just started to play, for about 4 days I couldn't last longer than half an hour (was really close to uninstalling and forgetting the whole thing xD). But then, when I finally got around and stopped dying, the feeling of accomplishment was huuuge. It's pretty rare in modern prress-LMB-to-win-games.

So yeah, arcady tone won't be pretty.

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I don't think it will come close to the arma2 engine, I know a lot of people have a lot of bad things to say about the arma2 engine but it's pretty damn realistic and I doubt they will ever be part of War Z

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Guest bulletproof potato

l feel like it is riding on DayZ fame, am surprised the rEApers have not latched on to the idea like the parasite they are.

but anywhy, it looks the same as dayZ, l think l will stick to dayZ

the arma 2 engine is awesome, its got its bugs but apart for that its good :D

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It looks interesting. Hadn't heard of it before I read this thread and I first thought that it was the name of DayZ gone standalone.

It sure looks like a more mainstream variant of DayZ, which may not be a bad thing. The thing I miss in DayZ is the casual gaming part - because I always have to be fully focused and I need to be coordinated with my friends.

So I really can't play DayZ when I come home after work; I'm tired and it's difficult to sync the gaming time with friends. Therefore I am widely open to a more mainstream version of the concept, if that's what this is.

I love games like L4D and Killing Floor. And if this is somewhat of a combination between DayZ and those shooters I will definitely give it some attention.

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Guest Mirshan

Some known/promised points:

  • Big open worlds to explore between 200 to 400 square kilometers
  • Two modes of play: Normal and Hardcore (death on Normal will result in character lockdown for 24-48 hours, on Hardcore – permadeath. Servers with strictly Hardcore players will have better loot)
  • Combination of first-person and third-person perspectives
  • Meld of PvE (player versus environment) and PvP (player versus player)
  • Strong Role Playing Elements
  • Multiple playable characters with customizable features
  • Unique social elements, including bounties, help requests, trap setting, etc.
  • Safe settlements where players can purchase, sell and store items as well as post notes for other players
  • Dozens of unique skills that can be learned and improved
  • Up to 250 players per game server (min 70)
  • New weapons and items become available as players explore the game world
  • Full developer support with regularly scheduled, free content updates
  • Dedicated public servers as well as private servers that can be completely self-managed in game client
  • Single purchase, downloadable client with ability to play full game without subscriptions or requiring in-game transactions

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Guest SilverViking

WarZ is a farce, there is no proof it exists. It looks like they took their current project, and threw zombies in it then.

Take a look at the whois for War Z

Even though they've been allegedly developing this game for a considerable amount of time, they only registered a month after DayZ went live and a few weeks after it started getting coverage on YouTube, taking off on Steam and showing it's massive potential. It doesn't stop there either, let's take a look at the company that are supposedly developing this game and have been doing for a considerable amount of time. They have literally no record of development, everything is claims. They have no track record, no names of respected developers or programmers with an impressive track record. Nothing.

All we have are some screenshots, and we expect that this game is going to be out in 2 or 3 months?! They claim it's not even out of alpha! How on earth could it go gold within that period?

Where is the proof of the game? They've been developing it for a year, and it isn't actually a rip off of DayZ? Then why is there zero evidence of it before? Even the website was only registered a month after DayZ went live, and yet the game is out in three months? Ok, let's take a look at the screenshots - which are easily faked and pre-rendered. I looked into their track record, it became clear

This is the game they've taken their screenshots, they're taking this engine and ripping off DayZ using it. The screenshots were taken from this game, the enviroments - everything. They're trying to push the game out faster than rocket can.

The game is a farce, and they're hoping to cash in with a poorly made piece of garbage by using the engine from their other piece of archaic garbage. The idea they've been developing this for more than a few weeks is laughable.

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  • Legend

It doesn't look like they've taken the screenshots from that game. It might be the same engine that the game runs on, but why is that a bad thing? I'll atleast check out the beta, or look at people play the beta, before I'll judge anything.

- Where's your source by the way? Other than a youtube video of a different game.

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Guest Djaune

For example, I'm not really good in PvP and I'm forced to PvP? Nah.

Or, private servers are illegal? Really? So you force me to PvP? Nah.

Same feelings here.

Even the name disturbs me : WARz

Voted for the "meh"

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  • 4 months later...

Having played The War Z after it was published via Steam, I have to say that the game is not all that bad. It has many issues, sure; bugs/glitches, very difficult to find a weapon as a beginner, almost immortal zombies, and most of all, a horrible player base. I have yet to meet a single person in game who doesn't (try to) kill me immediately at sight.

Otherwise it's fun to play, although frustrating at times, but that comes with the mechanic of "You die, you lose all your stuff"...

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What ruins it for me, is a horrible, HORRIBLE community, as well as rude and lying Devs. The WarZ Devs created multiple accounts on the DayZ Forums, constantly insulting the game, trying to win over some DayZ players frustrated with the hacker crisis. This was my first big no.

Secondly, was this huge steam fiasco, as well as they're general sales campaign. On their website, it promises it as the worlds first 'zombie survival MMO,' which, as it may be technically true as it is a 'full game' they're blatantly ripping off other titles. The weapons attachment system is ripped straight off Crysis, as well as rediculous comparisons to War Inc. (which by the way, is a terrible game in itself, I'd rather play Battlefield, less pay2win).

Which brings me to my final complaint, pay2win. This frustrates me enough on DayZRP (even though I'm one to talk, supporter rank and such) but the amount of pay2win in this game is rediculous. Instantly buy back your dead character, buy food, water and medical supplies and even buy ammo, which is actually very scarce in this game. The ONLY things you can't buy are the guns, which are easy enough to get with the amount of people camping, you're guaranteed to find someone in a supermarket camping it with a fully automatic assault rifles. Gees, and I thought sometimes guys on DayZ were dicks.


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WarZ... What to say about this game which was basically done to get easy money from users.I mean, right now I just tried to get a closer look to this new update, I got told they added zombies and so on.But the reality is far away from getting better, I mean this game looked so so so awesome in the pictures, you get in game and get a big and total dissapointment.In fact, five minutes ago I was trying to play WarZ but Right after spawning I got killed by some guy who was just camping in a new player's spawn, I think to myself, "oh how unlucky of me." I revive another character and I start to run around the map untill I spot a guy, he sees me and I has no weapons at me at all this guy took out his flashlight and hit me to death with it.Oh, well I respawn another of my characters and I get kill before I get to see the screen.I mean WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GAME?

This is so annoying if I knew this game was going to be like that, I'd have never bought it AT ALL.

I'm really looking forward to DayZ stand alone, that's gonna be cool.

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What I mean is that The War Z, even with all its horrible flaws, which I agree with you on, the game has some potential even still. Most of the problems of the game could be solved with a private server. Imagine, WarZRP, a sister to DayZRP (the uglier sister, compared to DayZRP ;P) No deaths immediately upon logging in, no random firefights in the middle of nowhere immediately at sight. The only problem would remain as the pay2win aspect, might, just might be possible to fix by server admins. Probably not, I'm no expert...

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