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A story

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He stood there with a stupid grin on his face.... Looking at his neighbor begging him to stop. The knife in his hand was dripping with blood from his first stab and then he started to stab his neighbor again, repeatedly in the stomach. The cries of his neighbor slowly faded. He stopped to look at the work that he's done to his neighbor's abdomen, he moved is index finger slowly across the cuts that he made, he smiled deeply and licked his finger as he left the house.

He made his way home to clean himself up and get a change of clothes. His wife should be soon from shopping for tonight's supper. He bagged his bloody covered clothes and went to have a shower. 

After his shower he went to his office and saw a note sitting on his desk. He opened it and began to read,

"My love, I know what troubles you are in, but I can't stay here with you and help you fight them. I have to think of the kids, I have to think of our babies. I took what we saved up and closed our joint account. I am leaving and you will not ever see me again. I am sorry.

A man came by today and he was looking for you. He said that you owed them money, that you were in deep. I didn't tell them where you were, because you don't tell me. You started to hide things from me. So, he told me to give a number to call ASAP.

[phone number]

I hope you understand.



He quickly dialed the number to tell them that he will have their money.

*beep beep*

The house blew up. The man was left under a bunch of rubble. He was still alive, luckily. The police and fire team arrived and managed to pull him out. They put him in an ambulance and sent him to the hospital.

When he woke his body ached and he was all fuzzy in the head. He remembered what happened and tried to get out of bed. He was weak, his body wasn't able to move. So, he laid there, waiting for the men that were sent to kill him to arrive. He heard the door to his room open, he could hear the footsteps quietly entering the room. Sweat went down his face. When the person finally got to his curtain covering his bed, his heart pounded and he breathed heavily, scared of what was going to happen. The curtain opened, a smiling face stood at his foot side of his bed. A nurse, smiled, and asked him how he was doing. She adjusted his pillow and checked his temperature. She then left the room.

He laid there, happy, happy that it wasn't his time. He moved around a bit, because his pillow had become a little uncomfortable, his hands went behind the pillow to feel a gun hiding. He grabbed it, looking at it he saw scribed on it, "Run!".

He sat up and began to limp out of his hospital room. He looked down the hallways to not hear a sound or see anyone. He made his way to the elevator, noticing that it was making it's way up. He decided that he will take the stairs in case those are the people that are coming their to kill him. As he was making his way down the stairs, he couldn't recall ever seeing that nurse before or why anyone would be trying to help him. He finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs, he exited the building. He called a cab down that was driving by, it stopped and he told the cab driver to get out of the vehicle, pointing his gun at him.

The cabby tried to drive away, but was shot in the head. The man moved the dead cabby out of the driver's seat began driving to the docks. He stopped there and looked for a boat that he was able to hi-jack. None of the boats were able to be stolen. He saw a ship that was departing soon. He ran towards it. He ran up the ramp that docked the ship, he jumped off that and managed to get on the side of the ship. He was struggling to get on. When managed to finally get on top of the ship, he went to hide within the cargo, not knowing where it will take him.

He fell asleep, cold and tired. Two days pass, he is hungry and cold. He finally decides it is time to get something to eat and find some warm clothes. He makes his way through the ship quietly. As a lot of the crew was asleep. He went to the kitchen and started to eat. He ate as much as he could and went through the lockers in the crew's quarters. He found warm clothes, he went back to hiding in the cargo area. He fell into a deep sleep.


The man was still asleep even though the ship had crashed, the loud thud and powerful pull didn't wake him. He slept peacefully, only to wake in hell.

[Well, this is a little story of an unknown character. I just felt like writing.. It's not the best that I could, but a story is a story. Hopefully you will enjoy it and have questions or something. I will probably add more sooner or later. I don't know. hehee]

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Interesting story <3

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