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[Open Frequency] A Thought Experiment

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*Someone, somewhere starts broadcasting. All that can be heard is the crackling of a nearby fire and a few voices that sound distant. After a few moments of silence finally a smooth voice breaks into the broadcast*

Hello, I am no one of great consequence or importance but hopefully a few of you will listen and...participate...in this....uh...experiment of mine. This will be the first of hopefully many weekly broadcasts to incite discussion and to...uh...share views on the topic I'll mention for that period of time. I know some of you may...find this a waste of your time, I apologize. To tell the truth, I'm merely bored and in a safe enough place for the moment. Maybe I'm just trying to find a way to waste my own time, eh?

*The person takes a sip of water and clears his voice*

The topic for tonight is a question I think is on everyone's mind. I also think that almost everyone has their own answer that is dependent on their various affiliations and personal creeds. That question is this: Who do we have to blame for the mess we are in?

I've heard many answers, ranging from certain governments to, believe it or not, extraterrestrial life forms. But I think the answer is more complicated, and one that is not easily accepted. We are spending our days, living in filth and squalor because we have deemed that it is the only way to survive. We only have ourselves to blame. We spend days fearing human contact, or longing for it but ultimately we are destroyed by it. These days finding another person could cost you your life, your dignity, or in some cases I've heard about recently, your innocence. And human life is the cause of it. We do more damage than the infected. I've heard some say there is a war against the infected, but I only see one war. A war against ourselves.

But these are just my thoughts on the matter, and I'm beginning to ramble. If anyone hears this, if anyone cares to enlighten myself or others, please respond.

*The transmission ceases*

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*The man is sitting under a tree enjoying the heat of a fire when he hears a few words, then adjusting his signal clearly hears what is said and begins to respond in a Chernarussian accent*

You're right this is our mess. How we got here? Why we deserve it? I don't how we got to this point and who's fault it is, I definitely believe something much bigger is going on though than some sickness, whether it be human or not. As for the fault of our own, that is very true. Our society today is no longer safe, no longer normal. What have people turned into? *There are sounds of the man crying a bit* I have done wrong recently but only to protect people I believed deserved my protection, I don't know if I am a hero or becoming an addition to our broken world...  None of it would have happened.. *The man raises his voice to a yelling tone* If people wouldn't be as they are today! *His tone relaxes* We all can fix this, one person at a time.

*The man sniffles as he's been crying*

*He sets his radio on his lap and leans back against the tree, sighing and looking into the sky*

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*Gabriel picked up his radio having just left a transmission for the Chedaki. He heard this, and had had something logical he wanted to add... He spoke with a heavy New York Accent*

"Based on what I've heard so far... about these... uh, Groups... sounds to me like what you're saying so far is pretty true. I've heard of Russians taking advantage of the situation for money. I've heard of Human Cannibals... *he pauses...* I've heard of this, that, and the other. I've even run into a few suspicious people myself. Seems like factions are a plenty, and they're all waging war in South Zagoria right abaht now."

"Some people were even initially distrustful of me. ME. How does that happen?"

"Something se*bzzt*rious is going on here. You're right. It's like a civil war. We're against ourselves..."

*Gabriel layed back, having just had his mind blown over realizing the truth of the situation as he perceived it...*

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