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Group thread codes

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So I'm very close to making a group idea thread, got the lore all sorted and just making some of the artwork and recruitment videos now and I was just wondering if there was any code I can use that would help make the thread look more advance and eye-catching.

I'm talking about things like the black box which has "spoiler" written in it and when you click it the page expands and shows more stuff, just cool things like that could someone please explain to me how to do this type of thing.

Thanks for your tiem :)

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put between there brackets [   ] but for sake of showing you I'll use these ()

(spoiler) insert all zee text here (/spoiler)

add Mp3's

(mp3)insert link -usually from push here(/mp3)

feel free to try out a spoiler in here so we know that you got it :)

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Like Brad has said, the "spoilers" definitely do help to clean up a thread! Other than that, I'd say make sure that your graphics and theme are cohesive, and that they help progress the story instead of just clutter it up! Keep in mind, that for each post you're only allowed to have 20 pictures in each post, so if you have more than that for your introduction post, I'd suggest deleting a few of the unnecessary ones.

As for the spoilers, I think that adding the information like your lore, roster, goals, etc into the spoilers really cleans up a page. Pretty much anything that has a large amount of text, for the sake of the reader, should be in a spoiler. A good example of this would be here !

Other than that, make it your own! Do whatever you think looks nice and portrays your group in the way you want it to be portrayed, and hopefully the community will respond to it!

Like Vandy has linked, there's a list of codes that will help make your group thread looking crisp and tidy! So, I hope that your question has been answered, Wolf!

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Did it work?

Ah thank you all very much, this will help a lot. Thanks for giving up some of your time to help me :)

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Did it work?

Yes it did! c: It worked well.

Like many of us have said previously, using these to clean up large chunks of text, definitely give the group thread a professional feel! It makes the thread seem less cluttered and it is easy for people to read!

Since it seems like you have all the tools at your disposal, and you know how the code for the spoilers works, I'm going to go ahead and mark this as /solved, Wolf.

If you need any further help, feel free to come into the Helpdesk for TeamSpeak and we can give you the answers to any other questions you may have! c: I look forward to reading your group thread!

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