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Guest Spencer

Hi everyone!

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Guest Spencer

Hi everyone my name is Spencer  and I am happy that I get a fair chance to be apart of DayZRP. I've been playing DayZ for around 70 hours and i'm ready to play with people who don't kill me on sight. It is very irritating and I want to actually get a chance to communicate with others making the role-play aspect a good thing. I'm looking forward to being able to use my mic more and work with other people in the game. Thanks again for giving me a chance to play on DayZRP.

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Welcome to the Community

I hope you enjoy your stay

If you have any question do not hesitate to ask 

PM me or another Community Helper!

Happy Surviving Spencer!

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Welcome to DayZRP :)

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Congratulations, you have found the gates to what could very well be your Elysium. Here you may at first feel just a little lost, a little like a drifting cloud in the sky.

Ahh but it is simple to show you the way, it all depends on where you want to go you see. Perhaps you desire with all of your being to read a story or two. What kind of story? Perhaps something heart wrenchingly sad, something soul tearing, something emotional. Mabey a story of love? Lost or found as it may be… There are so many stories in this place, all you need to know is where to look.

[align=right]Look right here… Lore and Stories

But maybe it is not enough to read these stories… maybe you need to know why these stories are here in the first place, maybe you need to know. What is happening? Well, you can find out with great ease, just look over yonder... Standalone Lore

Now that was not so hard was it?

Ahh but there is more, this place is of great community and as such we have rules. But do not be afraid they are easy to find and simple to understand. Just gaze where I tell you and all shall be revealed…

Here… Rules

You have some questions? Quite understandable, this is a lot to take in. Ahh, but we have thought about it. Indeed we have! You have a place to go if you have some basic questions you need answering…

Look up.

Look down.

[align=right]Look Left.

Look here... FAQ's

Something you don’t know how to do? Don’t worry about it, someone else knows how to do it and will most likely impart with such knowledge in a nice little place. Oh it is so nice…

[align=right]Just look… Over there...


If you need any further assistance beyond where I have directed you to look you may send me a message, don’t worry. I don’t bite.

Indeed you may send a message to any soul whose name is orange. You can find all of these lovely people in a nice little list… This I can just give to you. Right here. Staff members.

Now I wish you luck in your travels. Stay safe and secure.


Welcome to the madness.

Welcome to the wastelands.

[align=right]Welcome to your new home.


[align=right]To dayZRP.

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Hey welcome to the community

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