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Last Ship: Rhona Mitra is my wifey to be (Spoilers)

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So who saw Sunday's episode, what'd you all think of the end?

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Ever since Underworld 3 she's at fault for my sex fantasies involving a ledge 500m above ground :D

Concerning TLS I was actually cheering and applauding in front of my iPad while watching the end of the episode. It was amazing, everything from her villain-type explanation of how she's going to do it to Nils' arrogant narcissist reaction at first and then "Oh I already did it" with him collapsing in disbelief and pure terror. Marvelous scene.

Rhona Mitra between her looks, the accent and always portraying strong female characters is def sexy as fuck.

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Buddy you pretty much hit it right on the head, for everything!

Shes gorgeous, she manages to portray strong females with the case and point of turning a scientist into a stone cold badass! She was badass also in the Movie Doomsday by the way if you haven't seen it.

As for the episode, she straight up got revenge in the most poetic way and did it like a cold hearted mother fucker. And like you said it, went down amazing with every aspect of that scene.

Also unless they expanded season length, I think we're coming up on the finale!

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