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Dr. Vel'ky Lakar Journal Collection

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05-08-2015, 14:32 

When I was younger I had 1 younger sister, Vika, who is 10 years younger than me. And one older brother, Vladomir, who is 4 yers older than me. Vika was always a ray of sunshine. She was always playful and liked to hide my shit. But I didnt mind. I liked playing her 'hide and seek' games. Vladomir was my brother and I loved him as such. He used to be the kind that got into trouble but once he turned 18, he joined the military and seemed to be the most honorable soldier you ever met. As for me, I enjoyed helping people who deserved it and I did enjoy shooting and music as well. Specifically the piano. I was born August 20, 1988, and when I graduated from med school in 2014, specializing in immunology and completing my residency, I ended up going to work for the local CDC in Brezno, Slovakia. My parents supported my career greatly as well as my life choices. Except for Linda. Linda was kind of a bitch. We broke up after 3 months. Another life choice my parents didn't support was my decision to go to Chernarus and find a cure. And that is where my story begins

Hi, I am doctor Veľký, Vzor, Lekár. I used to work as a disease researcher at the CDC Brezno is Slovakia. After I heard about the crisis in Chernarus, I volunteered to come here and help research a cure for the disease. Me and my group of 5 fellow researchers were stationed at the hotel in Chernogorsk along with other medical personnel from WHO and Doctors Without Borders. We were protected by the CDF and UN soldiers. As the infection spread to the city, the forces meant to defend us either died from bandits or infected or deserted. The blockade and fear caused the supplies to stop coming which meant curing the disease would be much more difficult. I was out getting some samples with 2 other group members from the CDC. We had to be back to the hotel soon to pack up. Because of the lack of armed forces and supplies, we were going to leave. Just find some way out. Me and the others just wanted to collect some fresh samples before we left so we could continue studying it and possibly cure it. We would have more resources back at the CDC. We collected our samples and headed back to Chernogorsk. We were on foot and walking into the city when we saw the plane. Petrikov, Williams and I were shocked that a plane had made it past the blockade. But apparently, it hadnt. I watched as the smoking plane fell out of the sky and hit the hotel. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that an airplane had crashed into the building in which we were doing our research. 3 of our group members were in that building as well as several UN soldiers and almost every person with the WHO and Doctors Without Borders.. Our research was lost deep under rhe rubble in rh3 basement along with most of our protection.  It was horrifying. We saw burning bodies run out and people falling from the higher floors. Anyone who DID happen to survive grabbed their gear and ran as fast as possible. Luckily the actual plane never exploded and the fire never spread far, so me and the other 2 guys grabbed what we could scavenge from the area and wreckage and headed out. We had to find a safe place to conduct our research and that also had a long range radio so we could contact our families, and the ones of our lost colleagues. As we were leaving the city, I got attacked by one the infected. My colleagues wanted to kill me but I insisted I was fine. We had our mind set on Green Mountain. Last we heard there were still soldiers there and it was walled off. I discovered that the bite mark was healing but I was still feeling sick. I learned that the infection was being halted. I quickly realized it was because of my rare medical condition, one of the reasons I became a doctor. I have a rare illness called "AAS" or Aggressive antibody syndrome. What happens is when I am stricken ill, the antibodies over work and become more dangerous in order to halt the most resilient of infections but also cause bodily harm unless antibiotics are taken to weaken the antibodies. It's a complicated cycle and why I try and avoid getting sick as much as possible. As long as I get the proper medications, I can survive. On the journey, we lost Dr. Petrekov and my other colleague Dr. Williams decided to run off over night while we were camping. I remember him saying that the cure was complete "bullshit". And that he wasn't gonna stick around to see me turn. I am lost now. I have no idea where to go. I guess I could try and keep making my way to Green Mountain by myself. Maybe find the cure if there is one. Maybe find my other colleague.

06-08-2015, 06:06

I finally made it to Green mountain today and right before I did I was contacted on the radio by a man who said that green mountain wasnt the safe haven I assumed it was. I headed onward because I didnt beleive him as he was shady and overall kind of an arse at first.

I got to the gates of green mountain and was immediately fired upon with men yelling "get out of here!" I ran. I then contacted the man who radioed me... Fortune. Long story short I was hired by him. He would offer me protection and medical equipment for my research in exchange for my servitude. He said he would contact me but I have yet to hear anything.

I then went down to Zelenogorsk to find other people. There was no one. I found a piano and,  me being who I am, decided to see if it still worked. God was shining down on me because it did work. I began to play, no one heard.

I then headed up to Vybor which took a hell of a long time. Once I reached the souther part of the city, there was another piano house with a warehouse across from it. I began playing on the piano. It makes me feel human. It reminds me of when I was back at home with my parents. I could play very well at the age of 16. I played a couple songs that I still remembered, one of them being 

. The other was 
. I always liked the work of Dennis Kuo. Beautiful stuff.

Anyway, back on track. I played a bit of "Almost remember" when I decided to stop and continue into town. As I was about to walk out the door, I heard from behind me,"Why did you stop playing?"

I turned around, shocked that anyone was listening and/or taking an interest. I began playing again. The two people were "Yusef Alasad" and "Farid Alasad". A father and son. They sat down and listened to me play. It was quite relaxing. We were then interrupted by a shot. They went to investigate and told me to wait inside because they didnt want me to "damage my hands". 

I took a liking to them. They came back inside as there was no one in sight. I then resumed playing and that is when they opened up about their names, and personal information. I dont think I've every know a Takistanian but these 2 were amazing. 

The son went to take a nap while the father asked me if I needed anything. He took me to the Medical center in town as I needed antibiotics for my AAS.

It was at that point that we thanked eachother and said our farewells. I found another piano and played briefly before finding myself upstairs, drifting off in the desk chair.

07-08-2015, 05:20 

I woke up this afternoon with a stretch and a yawn. I decided to snoop around the office of the piano house. To my amazement I found an old record player with a small collection of records. I decided to start my day off with listening to this music. I took the record player and sat it on the desk. I grabbed one of the records and wiped the webs off it and pulled the record out of the cover. As I put it in, I pulled out my radio and leaned back in the desk chair. I turned my 

 and listened to it with whoever was on the radio. I then headed south to a small town where I met a man by the name of "Jason Randle". He said he was an ex-reaper and new my employer. we didnt talk much and headed our seperate ways. 

I also saw a V3S drive by on my way to Dolina, I decided not to track it down. I noticed that I was severely dehydrated on my way and was on the verge of death when I found a water pump and house with food. I swear, if I would've drank more water, I would've died.

Not much happened today, but more will when the Casino is established

I know it might not seem like a good idea. Being indebted to a man who is creating a casino which will most likely have some black market or bandit ties, but I could get all the antibiotics and medical equipment I need! Not to mention... "Samples".

08-08-2015, 23:40

So today I woke up at night and continued on my Journey down to Dolina to search for Timmy Dedrick. I arrived in Dolina and ran into a large man, definitely over 7 feet tall. His name was... his last name was armstrong. I talked to him and his friend for a while and he didnt know who Timmy was. Another man walked up in a gas mask and also didnt know who Timmy was. Armstrogn was looking for his chinese friend, Shoo.

We started a fire and Armstrong killed a chicken so he roasted the over the fire. I kept my pistol in my hand and behind my back because the man in the gas mask was making me nervous. Always had his gun out, in hand.

As morning came, Shoo, armstrong's friend, and a couple more people arrived. They seemed kind and one of them told me where Timmy Dedrick would be. Over the hill north of Dolina and in the factory where he had his own fortress. I rested for a while as i'd been up all night. I guess my biological clock was fucked up because I woke up as night wad falling.

I ran for a while and finally got to the outside of the factory where I was met with a man. Gun in hand, helmet and bandana. I told him to give Timmy the message and as I did, I heard shots from within the factory. He said he would give Timmy the message and to run off. I did, but when I heard them talking, I crept back to the factory and has to dive to the ground as they were coming out. They were talking about the deal, when one of them came too close and found me. I was brought back in at gun point. Luckily, the guy recognized me and told me to tell Timmy the message. I did and they lowered their guns, laughing. I told them I was from the Casino and Timmy realized what this was about. They let me go. I was so scared when I left. I continued running north to Gorka when I was stopped by another group of people. 

These people, one of them being Jamie were questioning me on why I came from the compound. I explained that I was passing on a message. They asked me if I like Timmy and I responded "No." as to save my life. The girl said that was "the right answer". I had not seen a female in a while and I swear i'm not a perv but it was, I guess, refreshing? To see a female.

Anyway, they let me go and I continued back up to Gorka where I finally met my employer, in person, at Gorka, he was kinda shady and explained to me that he was in the process of establishing the Casino. He showed me around and left as he had to take a rest. I looked around a bit more and discovered a fire down at the power station. There was a camp fire down there where I sat down by and eventually dozed off.

08-09-2015, 03:54

I've stopped counting the days. I've also started to get more paranoid. I'm starting to hear things and I have less and less trust in strangers.

I woke up today in Gorka where I last slept by the fire. I didnt get much sleep. Maybe a few hours. I decided to look around the town and get more familiar with it since I would be working there. I met a man in the police station. A very friendly, probably too friendly, man named Steven. He invited me inside the station to talk and we did. We snooped around the police station looking for gear and such. I came outside and said I would show him where the Casino would be when finished. I was met with a man and what appeared to be his girlfriend. We chatted a little bit. I didnt trust them. Steven came out and said hello in a hurry. Stupid american. Im surprised he wasnt killed. After talking for a while another man, with the man and the other girl, came along. 

I dont remember much of the conversation, except for me advertising the Casino, but Steven thought the woman was a guy and she punched him in the mouth. They always had their guns out and refused to put them away. I made sure I had a tight grip on my pistol because I think I noticed the man switch off his safety. In the end, I went to the medical center to look for antibiotics and they told Steven to run off. He talked to me lastly in the medical center and then headed off. 

I came back out and they were gone. I then proceeded to look around the Casino area, future casino area, some more. Night fell upon me and I created a fire. I sat by it and occasionally dozed off. I kept hearing noises in the middle of the night. Probably my paranoia. I was woken up later that night, or early in the morning, by 2 guys. One of which was from the DEEEEEEP south of america and another which im assuming is american. 

The southerner was very amusing. Talking about being a dumpster baby, never knowing his parents, and other stuff like how he wanted some lady loving. I told him about the casino and he said he'd be coming back for that booty loving. I shared with him a story that I was told about a man playing piano who had his hands smashed by a guy and he promptly responded with "I'm gonna find this guy and shove my shotgun so far up his keister, he'll be pooping pellets.

I went back to my fire. I was awoken by what I assumed was a mans voice, but, I called out and no one was there.

I met another guy on the way who was friendly but I didnt talk to him much as it seems I passed out and he left.

Later I was also met by 2 more guys after my fire went out. One being Carl and the other a Leftenant from the british royal navy. I dont remember much of the conversation seeing as I was tired but he talked about how he was going to Green Mountain to visit a friend and that they were going to try and recapture Prison island. Best of luck to them.

I am now going to try and get some rest. I have not had much sleep these past couple days.


These Journal's are getting too time consuming. I think I may stop writing them. At least as often.

I was robbed the other day. Just woke up and met this guy, seemed kind off. I went into the medical center and he held me at gun point. Wish I would've seen the rifle he had, a sporter 22. I would've drawn on him. It didnt even have any fucking ammo. He took everything I had. He left my antibiotics.

There were guys coming down the hill and I yelled at them what happened and they saw him and tried to track him down. They couldn't.  I started heading south east in search of supplies.

I got on the radio and bantered. I wounded man called, gave me a life lesson. I now need to travel to a city a little more northeast in order to save his life. I must uphold the Hippocratic oath.


I haven't written in a long time. A lot has happened since. I've been robbed, I found a group named the animals and befriended them, I discovered the 501st, and woke up one morning with a giant bruise on the back of my head and all my gear taken. The animals helped me get back on my feet with weapons and protection. Hell, they saved my ass from one of those infected trying to kill me twice.

I found a lab in the school at elektro, I think I might be able to find a cure. But what would be the point? The dead are already dead and majority of the people still left around are immune. I haven't found anyone who inst immune. Maybe the guy that I found the other day. I forgot his name... Harken? He was stuck in Antarctica when the shit hit the fan. Brought back here by Russians. But I guess I need to cure myself. I'm basically Typhoid mary. I only express a few symptoms, but the virus never kills me. I need to find a cure before the virus adapts to my body and kills me. We already did SO much research before the CDC HQ was destroyed. If I can get the microscopes and lab up and running in elektro, I might be able to create a vaccine. But the dead will already be dead and there is no way i'm going to be able to mass produce this. 

I want to join the animals for protection and I like them. They can be assholes at times but They're good to me and protective. The only issue is I need to kill someone to seal the deal and join them. I cant kill a man in cold blood and especially someone I know. They want to me to get the head of a guy named Jackson, Raven, or my friend that I met yesterday. If I do that, I will never forgive myself.

That harken guy, he told me that the antibiotics shouldn't be working to slow the infection. He told me that the way my immune system is responding is like an allergic reaction. I guess that might explain why my symptoms are worsening. If I don't find this cure soon. I might die with it. But what the fuck was happening then? what were the antibiotics doing?

August 20, 2015

Today is my brithday. Where's the god damn cake and party? Heh, well I guess I ain't getting that. But I might get something. I'm not feeling good, I think I'm sick. But I'm at a lab in a school I found in elektro. If I can get a source of power, I can get the microscope and all the other medical equipment working. I might be able to continue my research and maybe find a cure. There is not really much of a use for a cure. All the dead are dead and anyone alive is immune. But I need to at least try and cure myself. I'm basically Typhoid mary right now but I think I might die soon if I don't do something. I've been coughing up blood, I have a fever, fatigue, nosebleeds, and occasional muscle spasms and twitches. I need human samples to do this research. I might have to leave the Hippocratic oath behind.

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