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Good bye Alfred Mundy

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Day 21… 22… lost count.

Hi there, if anyone is listening.

I thought I was used to this feeling by now. 

But again, I feel lost and scared… alone again.

Today I lost my dearest friend.

Alfred…. I wish I could have known your pain and I would have helped you. I am sorry my friend, I feel like I have failed you. 

Ending your own life is a selfish act and a sin. But I understand, my friend. I forgive you.

Sometimes it is the only way to amend your heartache and deepest sorrows, which eat you from the inside out. 

I hope you are with your family now. I know you had been calling out for them every night in your sleep. I cannot imagine how you must have felt, seeing your wife and son die… their life… snatched from right in front of you.

I remember our meeting at Coastal town, where I washed up from the sea after surviving a plane crash. 

I was dying, shivering cold and hungry, waiting for things to end, and there you were.

You saved me. 

You took me and protected me from zombies and bandits like a guardian angel.

Thanks for teaching me to survive and to be a stronger person.

I will live for you, because I know it's what you want.

Go on, your family is waiting for you.

Rest in peace my friend.

Good bye.

Love Cassandra.

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Guest TheMonkeyMage

Wow very deep and meaningful. RIP Alfred forever in our hearts <3

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Rip in peace Alfred, will always have memories of tour bus with friends

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Had a nice night with you and Alfred, Cass. Talking about New Zealand cookies. -Dmitri

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