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Message to the Jackals [Secure Frequency]

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This is Kurte Locke, you all know me well enough to have given me this frequency, and you know I have helped broker some deals for you either as a group or individually recently, some which may prove to be quite lucrative for you all.  I have another deal i am working on, but I will need to talk to Vincent about it. 

If you are wondering what's in it for your group, if this deal goes down, then the person who I am brokering the deal for is going to owe you either a favour or a life to take or spare, the choice is yours.

So Vincent, get back to me when you get a chance, Im somewhere safe and away from prying ears and will be here for a while so i'll keep my radio tuned to this frequency.

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*Vincent hears his radio buzz to life, finally finding batteries. His brothers had filled him in a few details but a lot had remained a mystery. Who the fuck was this man on the radio? Why the fuck did he want to speak to him. Who could possibly know Vincent. Maybe it could have been Slade...Vincent angers at the thought but pulls back into reality once he realises this 'Kurt Locke' fellow was still eagerly waiting for a reply*

"As you've assured me this is a secure frequency. There's no point hiding behind my alias, Flynn Falcon. So I wish to know who this sketchy motherfucker is, and why A: he know's my name and B: why he wishes to speak to me.

 I wish for that life that we're brokering is to be spared, for we wish to mark him, if it's a free person to mark, then we will mark him. But regardless on that, I'm in for the deal, bring this man to me, I'll get back to you when I'm able to meet him, I'll give you a location and a time. And that's when you can bring our peeping Tom to my attention. Thank you Mr.Locke, have a wonderful day."

*Vincent puts his radio away, sitting by the camp-fire with his brothers, a subtle smile comes across his face. Who was this man? Vincent loved the idea of the realization of his face, so he didn't ask for his face, nor did he broadcast his little 'fan' for his name.*

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