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[ALL FREQUENCIES] Calling All Doctors

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*Dr. Lakar sits down in the desk chair at the North West Air Strip guard house. He sets down his gear and guns, locks the door, and goes into the office. HE opens a can of Rasputin KVass and begins to drink. Recently discovering that his medical condition can stall the virus, he leans back in the chair and relays a message on all frequencies on the radio in the station. 


*STATIC* -nyone hear me?- *EXTENDED STATIC* -terest anyone, any doctor, try- *STATIC* -re the virus.

*Vel'ky punches the radio, annoyed by the static noise.*

I haven't tried this, but I- *BRIEF STATIC* -a theory that might work! I have a rare illness called "AAS" or Ag- *STATIC* -yndrome. What happens is when I am stricken ill, the antibodies over work and reproduce more. They become more dangerous in order to halt the most resilient of infections but also cause bodily harm unless- *STATIC* -taken to weaken the a- *BRIEF STATIC* -ies. It's a complicated cycle and why I try and avoid getting sick as much as possible. But the other day, I was attacked by an infected person. I have been attacked before, but for the first time it broke my skin and I was bleeding. I was at Zelenogorsk when this happened. There was another survivor there and I told him I was immune so he wouldn't kill me. After a while, I became sicker and sicker. Then, I noticed sharp stings all over my body, and all the other symptoms stopped. I felt better. The only explanation, since i'm not immune, would be that my medical condition saved me. I took some morphine until I could get the antibiotics to settle my immune system. essentially weaken the antibodies that are harming me. 

In light of this new information, I would like to tell all doctors to make your way towards the casino in Gorka. It is not set up yet, but I was promised medical equipment and a place to conduct research. We might actually be able to cure this! Let's just hope it works. AAS is a co-dominant trait. But I have 2 alleles. I have never met anyone with 1 allele. 

Maybe this could work like sickle cell. People without sickle cell anemia are more susceptible to Malaria. People with full blown sickle cell anemia are immune to malaria but have the medical complication that sickle cell anemia brings. People with 1 sickle cell anemia allele and 1 normla allele are immune to malaria AND dont have sickle cell complication (If so, rarely). Maybe I can find a way to replicate this. Maybe if people just had 1 AAS allele, they might be immune. I know that some people are immune but I have heard that their blood cant be transferred and still be effective. Maybe I can save the infected, or the non-immune. I dont know. I may need to note that im tired and a bit tipsy.

*Vel'ky turns off the radio, takes one last sip of his Rasputin Kvass, and drifts off.

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