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Please. -All Frequencies-

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*Roaming around aimlessly down a dark dirt trail, Katia reaches into her bag and takes out her small radio. Noticing a few things missing but disregards it, she turns on the radio and begins to speak in a quiet voice.*

"Hallo?" she whispers.

You can hear rustling of her bag as she walks down the trail.

"I'm scared. I can't do this alone."

"I've been alone."

"At least feel alone."

"Every time I see face I don't know," her voice cracks as she holds back tears, "I run." she chokes out.

*The transmission stops, leaving only static for a moment. Her voice resumes.*

"I don't want to be seen."

"I have no one."

"I heard Monika's voice in my dream."

"Am I okay?"

"I lose, everyone."

"Running out of food."

"I look ill."

"I feel sick."

*She brushes the radio across her cheek as she begins to sob.*


"I need someone to stay."


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*hears the radio broadcast whilst sitting at his tree, decides to answer*

"Keep calm young lady, think carefully, you need food, water and warmth to survive, where were you last...the last town you where in? do you have a map to help guide you..." if you know your location perhaps I can direct some help towards you, their are many good people running around tonight within the east....*static*... pull yourself together & you'll make it through *


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*hearing a voice coming from her bag, she takes out her radio and listens.*

*she begins to whisper into her radio*

"I was at castle.."

"A castle."

"I am headed West."

"I take back roads."

"I only travel at night."

"I go to is Pogorevka."

"I know way."

"Am Chernarusky"

"Can not speak now."

*Transmission Ends*

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*He hears the transmission while walking through the woods,

nearly falling over thinking someone was with him in the woods.

He then pulls the radio out of his bag and thinks about his

daughter before answering feeling that he should offer his


"Hello miss, I'm not too far from you according to this map" *He mumbles to himself as he figures out the directions* "If you need some help I can reach you and offer some of the supplies I have, *He mumbles to himself again* I as well could use someone to talk to I haven't seen a single person all night."

*He slides his radio back into his bag.

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*Transmission Ends*

*lowers his voice slightly*

"Castle?....near pogorevka...at least you know where you are now...just be discreet and remain hidden as much as possible.....I'll send.

*transmission drops abruptly*

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Jamie steps back from all the talking in the compound. He walks up the hill and sits on the peak. He notices that his radio is making noises again and decides to flick through the frequencies, then he notices a familiar voice and flicks the transmitter.

Katia? Is that you? It's Jamie if you remember me. I haven't seen you since your... "Friends" disappeared. If you're in desperate need of help, just contact me.

He hears Mary shouting up to him to come down.

I've got to go Katia, I tend to hang around Polana, and since you're a chernarusky, you should know where that is. I hope you're doing okay now.

He sharply picks up his bag and his crossbow looking annoyed at the compound. He flicks off the transmitter.

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*hears the girl sobbing and decides to take a seat against a tree to talk*

Listen Katia... I'm gonna assume that is your name the man meant, if you are hungry and cold... *stops transmitting* "fuck I cannot believe I am suggesting this to someone else..."

*continues transmitting*

If you have any kind of weapon just anything if you can manage to kill an animal like a deer, you could use... oh god damn it...

you can use its guts to keep you warm... it may smell... a bit bad and be messy but if you're desperate enough it doesn't matter... there's no shame, I've done it myself... With the food if you have no means of starting a fire, assuming you know how to make one... then you may have to eat the meat raw... again it may be messy and gross but yea...

as for not wanting to be seen... stick to the bushes, trees, shadows and be sure to move quickly...

goodluck with everything

*drops his radio on his lap and rests for a bit*

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*In a pained and sad but unrecognizable voice he speaks into the radio*

" You have no reason to trust me..but i can help you. I'm camped near the place you said you are heading. I am near if you need anything at all"

*A sudden screech is heard as the transmission ends*

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*Steve, hearing the sobbing woman hustles over to his radio.*

What happened, were you attacked? Are you OK? Do you need medical assistance? Please be ok. Break. Ok, im not going to actively look for you but I am going to keep an eye out. If you do find me I will help you find a group of people you can trust, Names Steve by the way. But for you....*Static*...ation I am headed in the direction of the Factory near Polona. If you do find me, you can Travel with me and I promise to provide for as long as you need, I know your not sure if you ca...*Static*...Trust me. Please respond. Out...

*Steve, sets his radio's volume to high and sets it down on his bed, He then shuffles over to his desk and Begins cleaning his AK and looking over a map "I hope she is ok..." He says to himself.

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[align=justify]*Wong Hears some what a familiar voice*


[align=justify]I'm a old friend of your old friends. You can trust me. Contact me over the radio and I will help. 

[align=justify]anywhere. Anytime.

[align=justify]Just contact me.

[align=justify]*Wong releases the button on his radio keeping it somewhat near just incase of a reply.*

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*Awaking from her nightmare as she lays in the grass, she hears her radio flickering. She reaches to it and listens to the men on the radio who are trying to help.*

"I going to head to Polana."

"I found food the other day."

"There was shooting at green mountain so I ran away."

"I not hurt, just everyone around me dies."

"I don't want anyone else to die."

"Jamie if you are listening, I hope you is okay."

"Is Nora okay? I miss Dr Fishar..."

"I will make camp in Polana."

"In the woods."

"When I am rested."

*pauses for a moment*

"I do not trust many."

"I trust my friends."

"Are you going to be friends?"

"All my friends and family die."

"I don't want you to die.

*radio transmission ends*

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*As he finishes cleaning his mask, he says*

You sound familiar... very familiar...

*Shuts down radio*

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*Kirill hears the transmission and reaches for his radio in his vest. He pushes the PTT button and talks.*

Privjet devachka. I am from Chernarus too. You say you are alone. Well that's not good. Atleast for you. 

*He smiles, then continues.*

I would be... honored to help you. I can even help you to meet your friends again. If you know what I mean...

*You can hear a laughter that is cut off by the end of the transmission.*

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*hears the man that clearly doesn't know who he is talking to or about over the radio*

*in an emotionless tone she responds,*

"I could slit your throat before you even knew I was there."

"Pathetic small man."

"Wouldn't dare approach me."

"You know no idea of how I've lived."

*pauses, then utters a few words before the transmission ends.*

"Zhus me."

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Hearing Katia being angry on the radio, Jamie hastily flicks on this radio

Hey, good to see you're still breathing. Just ignore the other fucks on here, all bark no bite. Me and my Wolves spent most of our time at the factory due east of Polana, you must know it. Timmy set up his own little.. safehaven. And we decided to help him defend it. 

He suddenly hears loud music in the background, causing him to sound irritated.

People can be so fucking considerate. Just head to the sanctuary and ask for my name alright? Maybe don't use your real name. And Nora is doing really well thanks for asking. We captured Mr Miller and taught him a real lesson.

Jamie grins and looks at the loud people making noises. 

Stay safe Katia.

He flicks off his radio and walks angrily towards the music.

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*Dom notices Kirill talking to someone on the radio, he reaches for his own radio and gets on the same frequency*

"Another soul for the grinder" He said with a smile

*u can hear Dom singing a song to himself and sounds of dirt being dug*

"Gravedigger when you dig my grave, could you make it sha.."

*Audio cuts out*

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*Randle scrambles at the sound of a familiar voice*

Katia is that you? I haven't seen you anywhere are you ok?

*He finishes refilling his magazine and loads it into his weapon*

Now, As for you lot, If any of you dare harm katia I will personally hunt you down.

Katia, if you need anything else you need only ask

*Randle places the radio back into the pouch on his vest*

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

You shithead that wants to hurt, Katia

I want to see you try, tovarisch....

I want to see you try...

Mikhail Mel'nik puts the radio back in his pack and resumes to watch Polana factory from a distance.

He mutters to himself in Chernarussian I want to see you try, shithead...

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Guest Ghostrider0207

*Paul take out his radio pushes the button and start to talk*

hello young lady, you need help??? i have food water and medical supplies.

*paul takes a sip of his waterbottle and speak again*

im not your enemy, i want to help you, contact me on my secured Frequency and tell me where you are

*paul release the button and wait for respond*

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*Katia abruptly rushes to her radio after she hears a familiar voice coming from it.*

"Hallo? Is that really you?" she whispers.


She pushes the radio away from her mouth and mutters a few words,

"Jsem blazen"

before putting the radio back near her mouth.

"Is that you?"

"It cannot be?"

"Where are you?"

"Tell me?"

"Why didn't you come back for m--"

*transmission ends*

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Guest Yuri Ubiytsa

smiles and wipes away the sweat from his forehead

A promise is a promise, Katia...

I had some business to deal with

Just making sure that...old ghosts don't come back to haunt me, you know?

But I'm back babe...

No need to be alone anymore

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*Wong replies shocked and confused*

Is that really you old bruddah.

If ya need anything. you got my frequency let me know.

*Wong releases the button*

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Fortune looked down on Gorka as he decided where everything would go before he heard the transmission.


Katia... my god I haven't seen you in a long long time since it happened. listen to be Katia.. I know where the old boys are, well some of them anyway. remember how we role together? hehehe.. remember old fortune? the one you liked to hit? well I'm still here, I met up with some of the old boys a while back, I know the location of a couple of them. come to me, and we'll meet up again huh? like old times... I'm sorry what happened happened, we just went our separate ways and I've been trying to find the old boys myself...

good luck Katia..."


Fortune looked down at his old necklace, made from a bullet, the first bullet he fired in the reapers.

"we aren't all gone yet... we still lurk around the area, well... we were family... and family help each other out". fortune smiled and threw his MP5 onto the ground and walked towards a bush where his old rifle is located that.

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