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Whos at fault?

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This has been a question for me for awhile seeing as i thrive my self on being as realistic in my RP as possable 

so lets get started 

person A initiates on Person B

Person B runs in to a house

Person B emotes out "blocks the door with a chair"

Person A is in range to see the text but completely ignores it and opens the door anyway firing at person A killing him

so whos at fault?

is person B at fault for abusing bame mechanics and or powergaming seeing as theres no possable way to do that in game unless you have a lock pick (which for this example lets say he doesn't)

or is Person A at fault for ignoring RP for opening the door when it was RP'd out being blocked

I have been wondering this for a while cause i would definitely do this if i was in the situation cause realisticly it would be possable


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I'd say person B is at fault here

1. He didn't comply

2. Even if the chair blocking is RP'ed out via text it's not a game mechanic and could be considered powergaming.

There isn't necessarily any rulebreaks here, person A can choose to go with the RP but if he doesn't that's completely fine, as it would be powergaming.

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I don't think B should be rping that out unless either a) when barricading is put in the future or b) you know the person and you know they will rp out the situation. So B imo.

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In my opinion, I believe it is unfair of person B to expect to avoid a valid initiation through text role play like this. Even though they would be trying to increase the role play, there are better ways to do it than to create an unrealistic and impossible situation like this one.

Not only that, but it is dancing the line on powergaming. You are technically pushing an action --or lack of action-- onto a character by prohibiting them to open the door. Without the door actually being locked or barricaded, you are trapping the other individual into roleplay that is past the mechanics of the game.

It is also kind of a funny situation, because I believe --even though the individual is trying to use text to increase role play-- that this situation actually provides less roleplay than that of being a compliant hostage would give. At least if you comply to the demands, you will be getting hostage role play... something that is quite enjoyable to many people, actually. By barricading yourself into a house, and separating yourself from the other individual, it feels almost like there is much less role play going on.

I'm not sure if these responses have provided enough of an answer for you, Ender, but let me know if they have.

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I think you guys answered my question perfectly thanks for the help and i'll remember that if i ever get in to a situation that this could be possable

Thanks for the quick responce guys <3

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Think you guys answered my quetion perfectly than ks for the help and i'll remember that if i ever get in to a situation that this could be possable

Thanks for the quick responce guys <3

Alright, Ender. I'll mark this as /solved since you seem to have received the answer you needed!

Thanks for asking this question! It was a great one to discuss! If you feel the need to hash it out any further, come talk to myself or any other staff members in the TeamSpeak for any other questions, comments, or concerns.


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Guest Bro_941


My opinion on that, is that person B emotes "blocking with a chair" That is not RP because first of all its not in the game to block a door with a chair so if person A is really into the RP part I guess he can choose to RP it out but I don't believe over the times I have read the rules I ever saw a rule that says you can emote saying blocking a door and not actually locking picking it to be locked. That's my opinion but I don't think it's in the rules so they could both not be in fault. But Person A is power gaming I believe.


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