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Dr. Vel'ky Lakar Journal entry 5

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I've stopped counting the days. I've also started to get more paranoid. I'm starting to hear things and I have less and less trust in strangers.

I woke up today in Gorka where I last slept by the fire. I didnt get much sleep. Maybe a few hours. I decided to look around the town and get more familiar with it since I would be working there. I met a man in the police station. A very friendly, probably too friendly, man named Steven. He invited me inside the station to talk and we did. We snooped around the police station looking for gear and such. I came outside and said I would show him where the Casino would be when finished. I was met with a man and what appeared to be his girlfriend. We chatted a little bit. I didnt trust them. Steven came out and said hello in a hurry. Stupid american. Im surprised he wasnt killed. After talking for a while another man, with the man and the other girl, came along. 

I dont remember much of the conversation, except for me advertising the Casino, but Steven thought the woman was a guy and she punched him in the mouth. They always had their guns out and refused to put them away. I made sure I had a tight grip on my pistol because I think I noticed the man switch off his safety. In the end, I went to the medical center to look for antibiotics and they told Steven to run off. He talked to me lastly in the medical center and then headed off. 

I came back out and they were gone. I then proceeded to look around the Casino area, future casino area, some more. Night fell upon me and I created a fire. I sat by it and occasionally dozed off. I kept hearing noises in the middle of the night. Probably my paranoia. I was woken up later that night, or early in the morning, by 2 guys. One of which was from the DEEEEEEP south of america and another which im assuming is american. 

The southerner was very amusing. Talking about being a dumpster baby, never knowing his parents, and other stuff like how he wanted some lady loving. I told him about the casino and he said he'd be coming back for that booty loving. I shared with him a story that I was told about a man playing piano who had his hands smashed by a guy and he promptly responded with "I'm gonna find this guy and shove my shotgun so far up his keister, he'll be pooping pellets.

I went back to my fire. I was awoken by what I assumed was a mans voice, but, I called out and no one was there.

I met another guy on the way who was friendly but I didnt talk to him much as it seems I passed out and he left.

Later I was also met by 2 more guys after my fire went out. One being Carl and the other a Leftenant from the british royal navy. I dont remember much of the conversation seeing as I was tired but he talked about how he was going to Green Mountain to visit a friend and that they were going to try and recapture Prison island. Best of luck to them.

I am now going to try and get some rest. I have not had much sleep these past couple days.

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