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Dr. Vel'ky Lakar Journal (Day 4)

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So today I woke up at night and continued on my Journey down to Dolina to search for Timmy Dedrick. I arrived in Dolina and ran into a large man, definitely over 7 feet tall. His name was... his last name was armstrong. I talked to him and his friend for a while and he didnt know who Timmy was. Another man walked up in a gas mask and also didnt know who Timmy was. Armstrogn was looking for his chinese friend, Shoo.

We started a fire and Armstrong killed a chicken so he roasted the over the fire. I kept my pistol in my hand and behind my back because the man in the gas mask was making me nervous. Always had his gun out, in hand.

As morning came, Shoo, armstrong's friend, and a couple more people arrived. They seemed kind and one of them told me where Timmy Dedrick would be. Over the hill north of Dolina and in the factory where he had his own fortress. I rested for a while as i'd been up all night. I guess my biological clock was fucked up because I woke up as night wad falling.

I ran for a while and finally got to the outside of the factory where I was met with a man. Gun in hand, helmet and bandana. I told him to give Timmy the message and as I did, I heard shots from within the factory. He said he would give Timmy the message and to run off. I did, but when I heard them talking, I crept back to the factory and has to dive to the ground as they were coming out. They were talking about the deal, when one of them came too close and found me. I was brought back in at gun point. Luckily, the guy recognized me and told me to tell Timmy the message. I did and they lowered their guns, laughing. I told them I was from the Casino and Timmy realized what this was about. They let me go. I was so scared when I left. I continued running north to Gorka when I was stopped by another group of people. 

These people, one of them being Jamie were questioning me on why I came from the compound. I explained that I was passing on a message. They asked me if I like Timmy and I responded "No." as to save my life. The girl said that was "the right answer". I had not seen a female in a while and I swear i'm not a perv but it was, I guess, refreshing? To see a female.

Anyway, they let me go and I continued back up to Gorka where I finally met my employer, in person, at Gorka, he was kinda shady and explained to me that he was in the process of establishing the Casino. He showed me around and left as he had to take a rest. I looked around a bit more and discovered a fire down at the power station. There was a camp fire down there where I sat down by and eventually dozed off.

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