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(All frequencies) Help call from Viktor Agapov

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**Man picks up radio pressed down the transmit button**

"If there is anyone out there, please help me, I'm currently located in Chernogorsk, I'm a senior police officer or was. I'm all on my own with my makarov service pistol, please if ther........."

**Radio cuts out then cuts back in**

"HEEEEEELP! *gunshots*" 

** Cuts out again and remains quite**

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*Detective Higgins grabs his radio*

Hello? are you still alive? If you are let me know I can come help an officer. I have a small unit, or did I haven't heard from my chief or Jenkins in a while but I'm sure he is still out there.

*Higgins puts his radio back in his pocket hoping for a response*

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*Man starts transmitting*

"It's me again, I've been chased down, I think i'm ending this myself, goo *a revolver gunshot*"

*Radio starts beeping and transmission ends.*

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