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Children should be seen and Not heard

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honestly if there's one thing I learn from childhood it's this, you are what you make yourself be; you are what you think you are. the way you grew up is important, I grew up through primary school(7-12) with only 1 friends and complete neglect from my parents. my academic wasn't good, I didn't have a lot of friends, I spend most of my time with just one guy and it destroyed me. I let it changed me, and I had trust issues since I was a kid. I always say this when I was a kid: why bother? so I resorted to the Internet fuck around on it. got addicted to games, made some bad friends, did some things I'm not proud off. I got drunk when I was 12 years old for Pete sake. as I grew older, I became more independent, I was seasoned to not give a fuck. I'm as thick skinned as a fucking bull, took me 4 years to find a girl that I can relate to. took me over 1 year into the relationship for me to open up to her. and that friend who sticked with me? he became my best friend, 10 years of friendship. what I've learn in life is one thing, the way my parents raised me? the way you hear about the Asian parents raising their child? it's all true, I didn't grow up loved and pampered, I was seasoned to be thick skin, to be independent and honestly, I never blame my parents for a single day of it. because I know what I want in this world, and I set my mind to it. it's not about how you were raised my friend, a word of advice? it's about how you raise yourself

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Damn, I shit you not I shed a tear.

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See, this is why i posted this up.

The Casino man hit the mark. tis how one raises themselve.

Alas to conclude such an exellent post and for archival.

There is nothing to hold us but the illusions we chain ourselves too.

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