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Dr. Vel'ky Lakar Journal (Day 3)

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I woke up this afternoon with a stretch and a yawn. I decided to snoop around the office of the piano house. To my amazement I found an old record player with a small collection of records. I decided to start my day off with listening to this music. I took the record player and sat it on the desk. I grabbed one of the records and wiped the webs off it and pulled the record out of the cover. As I put it in, I pulled out my radio and leaned back in the desk chair. I turned my 

 and listened to it with whoever was on the radio. I then headed south to a small town where I met a man by the name of "Jason Randle". He said he was an ex-reaper and new my employer. we didnt talk much and headed our seperate ways. 

I also saw a V3S drive by on my way to Dolina, I decided not to track it down. I noticed that I was severely dehydrated on my way and was on the verge of death when I found a water pump and house with food. I swear, if I would've drank more water, I would've died.

Not much happened today, but more will when the Casino is established

I know it might not seem like a good idea. Being indebted to a man who is creating a casino which will most likely have some black market or bandit ties, but I could get all the antibiotics and medical equipment I need! Not to mention... "Samples".

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