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Guest Viktor Kolenkeov

(Open frequency) Hello sisters

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Guest Viktor Kolenkeov

*static* *static* Good evening my sisters how was your days at work it has been a little while since are last chat. HA!!!! Really vary cool Ol*static*ga only you oh really*static* Eva he said what?! i should punch his*static* head in. NO!!! you are my sister it is my*static* job to protect yo- oh your right Eva we should not let it ruin are night. Hey how about we go down to that small resta*static*urant that is on the corner of are street i got my paycheck from the factory today so i'm Buying!! Hey wait you.. guys..*static* are dead.....*sob* and*static* i killed.... the two of*sob* you.. because they were infected.... i just*sob* remembered.... I JUST REMEMBERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No*sob* no*sob* i'm losing my mind I'M LOSING MY MIND!!!! Its ok its*static* *sob* ok *static*i*static*d*static* know any more. *static*Talking to you two on this radi*static*o is the only way i stay stable if it wasn't for this radio i would have blown my head off weak's ago i just cant get over you two are dead*static* you know i buri*static*ed you two under that tree by the chu*static*rch its nice. Tonight i want to die please just please i miss my sisters so much*sob**sob* *static*Goodnight.*static**end of radio transmission*

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