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Guest Jaseppy


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Guest Jaseppy

Hello I am Jaseppy and I am new to the community. I have been playing DayZ for only a little while and I am trying to learn the map and such I hate going into servers and getting killed by a fully geared bandit. So I am hoping that a few people would like to share a few tips with me and get m into the true aspect of DayZ. I thank you for reading my post!

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A few good places you can take a quick look at while you're just getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Your Standalone Rules. Standalone meaning your character and in-game interactions with other RPers.

Community & Game Rules

And finally something I consider just as important as the rules, the lore. This is what we usually go on around here and it's a good read! 

DayZRP Lore

Do you want to go into the game looking for friends or some people to fall into line with? It's definitely nice to have friends in-game to lean on when a zombie just so happens to tear you a new one. Or maybe you just want to help? You can take a look at our groups thread and decide where you would like to fit in!

Official Groups

I hope you enjoy the community and the role play you encounter in-game. Feel free to overload my inbox with questions or any other questions can be pointed to our fantabulous Community Helpers and anyone else with titles of knowledge. (Staff)

Important Guides

OOC Guide

Avoiding Metagaming

Bandit Guide

Whitelist Guide

Torture Guide

Mute Guide

Soldier Guide

Complication Trigger Guide

Read all of them. You have much to learn, my young padawan.


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Welcome Jaseppy.

Its always good to see new faces! Welcome to the community!

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Guest Jaseppy

Thank you very much!

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Hey! welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your time here and decide to stay with us after testing the waters! At times, RP may not be here for everyone, so I hope you're not just coming to the servers to save gear from bandits. RP is full of bandits as well! But don't let that deter you, at least they can't just run up and shoot you in the face without saying hello (at least they're not supposed to) Anyways, I have a few tips for you!

1) Don't play a bandit type as your first character. Just play a casual survivor to get a feel for the community and get comfortable with RP and playing by the rules. Often times people make the mistake of immediately jumping into RP as a bad guy and getting themselves into a lot of trouble because A) they're inexperienced at hostile RP and B) still getting comfortable with RP so a hostile situation like that might be too much to handle, causing them to give bad RP. So I would say just roll casual for now and get used to things! Figure out what you like!

2) I can't encourage you more than to go over the rules, even if you're already whitelisted. Go over the rules. Keep yourself familiar with the rules. It's okay if you forget things at first in game, so with that being said, if you ever feel like you might break a rule, just don't do it! If you feel you have broken a rule in-game, seek out a community helper or go into ts and talk with someone about it; see if you can find the person you may have broken a rule with during RP.

3) Don't get too attached to your character. I won't say the chances of you dying are extremely high, as long as you're smart in tricky situations, but you will eventually die. Whatever you do, don't rage quit. If you feel that a rule has been broken if you're killed by another player, make a detailed report. I would encourage you to join the ts and see if you can find the person and maybe talk with them about it, to see if it can be resolved that way, but that is not required.

4) Remember to post anywhere in the forums besides the introduction thread so that your forum account does not get pruned (deleted) or else you will eventually have to go through the whitelist process all over again!

Above all, remember that it's just a game and that we're all here to have fun!

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Uhmmmmmm well, best of luck ?


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