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[OPEN FREQUENCY] Blackout at Novy

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*Ellis opens his eyes slowly to find himself staring at a ceiling a nearby fire casting a warm glow across the small room.  Raising himself to his elbows he winces as his head spins slightly.  Glancing around he found himself in a small living room,  broken furniture strewn about him and a fire place with dying embers glowing softly*

"How the fuck did I get here..." he mumbles to himself.

*Glancing to his side he see's his backpack and axe but also a radio resting by his side then remembered what happened.  He had been travelling for days before bumping into a man called Nate, they had found a truck but it had crashed on a corner and Ellis had blacked out.  When coming around Nate was gone and wounded Ellis had stumbled into a town which started with Novy, before almost stumbling straight into a bear trap.  He remembered triggering it so that no others would get injured when a mute called Nora and her friend turned up.  They were on their way to the Church to meet some 'Maker' guy when he must have passed out from his injuries.  He could only assume they had put him in this room to recover.  Reaching for the radio he thumbs the send button*

"Err...Hello?...It's Ellis...I'm at Novy something...I don't know if your reading this...but you must be...why else would you leave this radio...I'm rambling...but could still use those antibiotics...is anyone there?..."

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