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Ken!...Kensoup and the playstyle gaffs.

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Folks its wacky and gladly since ive not exposed the Kenneth Character to many finding the right playstyle has been hard... there is many traits and abilitys to make a character awesome... I mean the Kenneth is meant to be my primary character...

Another trait that is an issue is my scottish accent. people DEMAND awesome from a scotsman. so let us test the waters.

Alright, so i was having issues trying to perfect the right playstyle. from Knife only... (very fun, but not awesome enough)

To allowing myself a Pistol...unfortunately it completely ruins the game for me (makes me a very minor target, plus mildly threatening)

Mute is an exellent idea, and i actually do enjoy the concept. but there is times i must speak... (if you see my real life picture you would shout silent bob... or hobo)

Then i realised something...


Special Mention to willscott98

I saw his video link and thought...hehe...gotta try this. So that is what i will do tonight... (After i commit Seppuku)

EDIT: So yep. i tested good auld fisting action on the zeds..... Your fists are like cannonballs. takes a good few wacks to the head but damn. its fun.

Ya gotta do alot of healing between fights. also gotta watch out for the dreaded Spinal Tap. from what i heal it now regenerates. so all ya gotta do is just rest every once in a while.

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