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Mez Dodson

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This will update slowly as I go.

Week one:

I finally stopped running, I don't know where I am. I can smell the ocean so I just start walking.

I have to find Andy...  The gun fire and screaming is still so fresh in my mind.

I can hear them shouting at us and shooting.

It's been a few days, I don't know how many. We where held up in a building me and Andy.

At some point everything died down, Then smoke lots of smoke. Someone had set the building on fire, We heard moans and gun fire.

They screamed at us to come out, then to fire, then they just kept screaming.

Andy managed to rip open a door way and we bolted, I can still here him behind me so I just run.

The smell of smoke and gunfire fades, everything is quite.

When I finally stopped I couldn't find Andy, I can't go back.

I know Andy wouldn't abandon me..... I have to go to Berry, Andy Will be in Berry.

After days of being lost I found a compass, I managed to move south east and I met a man.

His name was Abraham, He was nice, and very scary.

He hadn't seen Andy and with a few words we parted ways.

Hours later and many many miles I had found myself outside the Berry construction site.

Oh how I had missed home... So dead now.... So silent.

I went to the farm house and waited, Nothing.

I had a flash of brilliance and ran to the roof of the old police station with a flare, Andy will see this!

I lit it and threw it high atop the building for Andy to see, surely it would draw him.

I found myself moments later surrounded by the dead, thank god for the .308.

I had to leave but I left a note for Andy, "I am heading to Elektro Andy, you know where."

I just took the road, Why not ?

Along the way I left signal fires for Andy atop hills, Just follow the lights Andy!

I got cornered in a warehouse shortly after leaving Berry.

Again my .308 carried me through, Until I saw the bob of a head.

It couldn't be.... ANDY!

No no that's not Andy it's one of them.... No it's alive.

"Hello!.... Hello are you alive!" I shouted.

As it turns and comes I see him alive, a lone man so I thought.

Another from the back... god let them not be bandits.

A man named Lucky and another whome I don't recall.

Neither had seen Andy, but they had heard me shooting in Berry and I summize had been tracking me for some time since then.

Their eyes felt familiar.

With an offer of aid and a warning to the dangers I parted ways.

Gotta find Andy.... he will be in Elektro... Andy has to be there.

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Guest Viktor Kolenkeov

Like it here is a picture 


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I like it. I am the man you do not recall, that approached you from behind. People refer to me as The Marshal. :P

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Part Two:

My walk to Elktro was long and far from done. I saw a new town on my horizon after pushing all night.

May be Andy is here, He could have stopped for the night.

As I entered the outskirts I thought of how to signal anyone.

I stood at the edge of town and shot off three rounds and waited.

I figured anyone or anything in there would hear it and either come out to shoot me or eat me.

*Pop* Pop* *Pop*

After a few moments I thought I saw a person, Please be Andy!

I walked toward it slow and weaponless hoping if it was anyone who wasn't Andy they would know I wasn't a psychopath.

After a few calls to the man I realized half his face was missing, Out came the .308. *Pop*

The sign read Kami, No one and no more things. Just me in another town, looking for Andy and finding nothing.

I left a few signals and pointers, All that is left is to push onward.

A day and many miles later I hit Elktro, Andy will be here I am sure of it.

I got to town square as fast as I could, But was met with a wall of undead.

I killed as many as I could and fled to higher ground.

I kept over watch in the court yard. Hoping to catch a sign Andy was here.

Then I heard it. *Pop Pop Pop* some one is shooting, Maybe Andy is comi- No.

It was a few men, they had another with them in cuffs. I couldn't hear what they said but they marched him to the square and had him on his knees.

It seemed like forever that a man seemed to go on yelling to the others and the prisoner.

I couldn't quite make out what was going on but I got the jist it wasn't gonna end well.

All I could do was watch, Then out of no where *Pop*.

I didn't know him, but no man should be left dead to be feasted upon by these things.

They left his body, cuffed on the ground and slipped away.

I sat for a few days in my hole, afraid I would be next.

I waited for Andy as long as I could. He knew to head with the road after this, We had a cabin on the coast we partied at. He might be there, I just

have to push on, I will find him, I have to.

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