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Snake's Story

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To Whom it Concerns,

29 April 2013

6 Months After Arrival

They call my Snake, at least they used to. I had everything, A Wife, a Son, a nice home. I was a 2nd Lieutenant for the United States Marines for 11 Years. My life was perfect. Next thing I Knew, I was getting the call again, To Russia this time, to assist in "The control of a Critical Disease Outbreak". Two weeks later I kissed my wife and child goodbye, for the last time.

Once we arrived, things seemed Normal at first, We started seeing people "Coming Back" after they were dead. It was strange, and scary. Then things began happening more and more rapidly, and thats when the real shitstorm started happening. We started losing marines left and right, until there were only a few of us left. Eventually we all split up, deciding that we could "cover more ground", and maybe start to sort out when was happening in Chernarus.

When we separated, I lost all contact with humanity. I ended up setting up what I thought was my own little paradise, somewhere to relax. Until a group of several of those.. monsters attacked me in the night. I ran, scared, cold, and alone. As shit got worse and worse, I just kept running, salvaging whatever I could of my old life, trying to keep myself from starving to death. Every night that I lay under the stars alone, All i can think about is my wife, and my son back home.. wondering

"are they okay?"

"did the infection spread?"

"Will I ever make it home?"

These are the questions I live with every day.

The questions that Will likely, never be answered.

And Now, Here I Am. Starving, Freezing, Thirsty, and Alone. All that I want is companionship, someone to explain what the hell is going on, someone I can trust. I need someone.

Someone, Please help me.



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//Hey mate want me to remove one of them? Looks like you double posted.

Nice work :D

Oh no here comes the double trouble! Run!

No but on a serious note I wanna play metal gear solid now. I hope I can meet you ingame sometime and should you fall (which would make me unhappy) I would still be a little happy since I would yell "Snake, snake, snaaaaaaaaake!" Really dramatic with some background music to simulate the MGS series. Also nice story, you'll fit right in with the rest of the US marines that roam this country! :D

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