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Dr. Vel'ky Lekar Journal (Day 2)

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I finally made it to Green mountain today and right before I did I was contacted on the radio by a man who said that green mountain wasnt the safe haven I assumed it was. I headed onward because I didnt beleive him as he was shady and overall kind of an arse at first.

I got to the gates of green mountain and was immediately fired upon with men yelling "get out of here!" I ran. I then contacted the man who radioed me... Fortune. Long story short I was hired by him. He would offer me protection and medical equipment for my research in exchange for my servitude. He said he would contact me but I have yet to hear anything.

I then went down to Zelenogorsk to find other people. There was no one. I found a piano and,  me being who I am, decided to see if it still worked. God was shining down on me because it did work. I began to play, no one heard.

I then headed up to Vybor which took a hell of a long time. Once I reached the souther part of the city, there was another piano house with a warehouse across from it. I began playing on the piano. It makes me feel human. It reminds me of when I was back at home with my parents. I could play very well at the age of 16. I played a couple songs that I still remembered, one of them being 

. The other was 
. I always liked the work of Dennis Kuo. Beautiful stuff.

Anyway, back on track. I played a bit of "Almost remember" when I decided to stop and continue into town. As I was about to walk out the door, I heard from behind me,"Why did you stop playing?"

I turned around, shocked that anyone was listening and/or taking an interest. I began playing again. The two people were "Yusef Alasad" and "Farid Alasad". A father and son. They sat down and listened to me play. It was quite relaxing. We were then interrupted by a shot. They went to investigate and told me to wait inside because they didnt want me to "damage my hands". 

I took a liking to them. They came back inside as there was no one in sight. I then resumed playing and that is when they opened up about their names, and personal information. I dont think I've every know a Takistanian but these 2 were amazing. 

The son went to take a nap while the father asked me if I needed anything. He took me to the Medical center in town as I needed antibiotics for my AAS.

It was at that point that we thanked eachother and said our farewells. I found another piano and played briefly before finding myself upstairs, drifting off in the desk chair.

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well... we can always use acts in the casino :3 guess I have to find you a keyboard or a working piano now.. good story btw

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