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Empress Nino

[Open Broadcast] Pinewood Community

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*Mayor Haas, after a long night of drinking and merriment with his new friends woke up hung over. This is not a common occurrence for Haas. Haas grunts and mutters to himself "I have to be getting older" as he rolls out of bed. Just down the road Nowell is busy starting a morning fire. Haas slowly gets dressed while watching Nowell working on the fire. Haas smiles, for once in what seemed to him like a long time he is happy, despite the hangover. Haas walks up to and dawns his leather jacket off a coat rack. He steps outside with a cigarette in mouth. He lights his morning smoke, and takes a few drags. Haas opens his jacket, pulling out his radio. He hesitates, but eventually he decides to press the PTT and he begins to speak*

"Good morning everybody. I want to tell you all a story."

*Haas takes another drag of his cigarette*

"When the infection first hit, I was stranded here in Chernarus, much like the rest of you all. I was left behind, when I thought the United States government had evacuated the Embassy and it's officials. I was wrong, I was not the only one left here, as I found out later. I spent weeks wandering Chernarus, just trying to stay alive. 

I found my way to South Zagoria, and looked fruitlessly for a way out of here. I found an air field, and camped out for weeks, hoping and praying for someone to come and get me out of here. There was no evacuation. I was betrayed by my own country, but I didn't even see it in front of me. I still held steadfast in my ideology. I felt compelled by something more than myself to continue on. I could have given up, but I didn't. Soon I found friends, and I started my movement. Eventually, I found the remnants of the United States Embassy. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, that is until the United States Military decided to show itself to the world again. The friends... My men... Abandoned me for these United States military men. I was left to my devices, alone and scared."

*Haas takes another drag of his cigarette and ashes it. He releases the PTT so he can light another. After lighting the cigarette, he pushes the PTT again*

"I found something I can fight for again. There is a new day on the horizon. I realize now that it was never nationality and culture, but trust. Trust is what binds us, what keeps us together."

*Haas takes a drag of his cigarette*

"This is for everyone who has ever felt the sting of betrayal, or those who understand the value of trust. Keep your ears open for the Pinewood community. If anyone wishes to learn more about what and who Pinewood is, please don't hesitate to contact us on this frequency. We can arrange a time and place to meet... If we can determine how trustworthy you are that is."

*Haas takes another drag of his cigarette*

"This is Mayor Haas, signing off."

*Haas releases the PTT, finishes his cigarette, and walks over to Nowell who has since finished the morning fire.*

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*Samson Is slowly skimming through the radio frequencies, look for a voice, friendly or not, Samson just wanted to hear from someone. Then when he approached the frequency 134.7 he heard a man speak into the radio*

"Good morning everybody. I want to tell you all a story." Said the mysterious man on the radio.

*Samson sits down by the fire he had made before tuning into the radio, and began to consume his dinner of Tuna whilst listening to the Story*

" So finally, a place where i wont have to run from any of these weird Creatures "

* Samson Begins to get excited about this idea *

" Mister Haas, I would like to come to this place I would like to call home! Ill Be on this frequency every Sunrise."

* Samson begins to fidget in his position just thinking about calling people friends *

* Samson says to himself * " How am i going to know he wont do harm? ahh, Ill just keep my Radio on and broadcast it to the world in case he does anything, Let the people of Chernarus Know if this, Mayor Haas, really doesn't mean Harm "

"I'll be waiting to hear your voice again Mayor Haas"

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*After listening to what the two men said, and a short coughing fit, Jack decided to talk on the radio*

I'll keep this short and sweet. Mayor Haas, I'd like to find a place where I can rest for a while. Somewhere I wouldn't be disturbed by the obnoxious travelers *he coughs a couple of times* eh-hum, that I seem to meet everyday. Would you be able to provide somewhere like that?

*He awaits a response*

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* Samson Hears this mans Transmission & responds *

" Hey sir, I was wondering if you could provide me some cover, in case he is one of the human eating people, calling us into his trap. all i ask is that we are to meet this mayor together, just to be cautious."

* Samson begins to look at his map, looking at places that are enclosed with no vantage points for any ambushes.*

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*He presses the side of his radio*

Sure, if it makes you feel better.

*He listens on*

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*Haas laughs to himself. He understands the caution his projecting, which is what he likes.*

"I can assure you I'm not one of those 'human eating people'. The question is, can I be assured that you aren't

*Haas laughs*

"To the man who is looking for a place to hide away for sometime. If you can pick up a gun and defend the area if we have you hide out for sometime, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't let you live here for a bit, that is if we can determine if you can both be trusted or not. I'm no fool. We look out for our own here in Pinewood, remember this. If it makes you all feel better, give me a place on this frequency, and we can talk logistics and the such."

*Haas lights a cigarette, takes a drag and ends his transmission*

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Guest RayymondLmao

-The radio crackles, and the tired voice of a man comes through-

"I am interested in meeting with whoever is responsible for this community. I am in need of somewhere to lay low for some time. I don't offer any marketable skills like doctoring or mechanics, but I don't plan to stay for long."

-He pauses to take a look at his surroundings, and pulls out his map to determine his location. Paper rustles for several seconds-

"The lighthouse on the southern shore can serve as a meeting point. If that is too far, identify a place mid-way between us. Give a response over this frequency if you have a decision. Until then, I'll be listening."

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*Ezekiel is relaxing around the fire in the woods cooking a venison steak the radio suddenly comes to life and a mans voice comes through. Listening to the story closely he realizes this could be an opportunity to learn more of this land and its people.*

"My name is Ezekiel Faye, I mostly keep to myself these days. I'm an apt hunter, scout and marksman. I also have basic medical knowledge though it came from working with animals not people. I would not mind being able to make a few friends or have a safe place to rest in this land. Contact me and let me know a time and place if you want to meet and I can be there"

*sighing, hoping he just did not sign his death warrant he sets the radio down and continues cooking his meal*

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*Haas lights up his morning cigar and makes his response to the two previous transmissions*

"To Ezekiel Faye, I'm excited to know there are still people who still have the skills to hunt for anything other than cows."

*Haas finally gets the cigar roaring*

"to the unnamed lighthouse man, I won't discuss logistics over an open comm. Anyone who has wanted to contact Pinewood should do so on 131.6 for the more private discussions."

*Haas ends his transmission and continues to puff on his cigar, filling the room with smoke.*

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*It was quite dark outside, Isobelle had just cracked a chemlight when the first unknown voice came through the radio. She had her radio on a set frequency to hear if she'd recognize any voices that would respond to Mayor Haas's first broadcast.*

"Human eating people... If there was any of those here, I would be long gone. Haas saved my life, he found me as I was looking for a shelter to keep safe, and he provided me one."

*The room was dimmed in red light, she was eating on some freshly picked apple from the very same morning.*

"I was seperated from my friend a long time ago, and was barely getting by. Haas has made sure I would make it just one more day, and he does so each day. I would be more cautious of those who would meet, and has never met before, to make sure Haas isn't one of those..."

*Isobelle chuckles, before killing her laugh*

"...Human eating people. I know for a fact that Mayor Haas would not lure you into a trap."

*Isobelle let's go of the PTT*

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*The abandoned hospital served as fine cover for a night when the rain was at its worst. Killian finished his can of Rasputin Kvass before seating himself by one of the old, worn down desks of a, most likely, dead doctor. He allowed his finger to trace over the metallic top of the military radio he scavenged when on the way here. He eventually started flickering between the frequencies until hearing a recognizable female voice.*


"Hold on lass, I recognize that voice! D'ya know a handsome chap by the name of Killian Darcy, by any chance?"

*A brief laughter can be heard, which is eventually drowned out by the slurping of some drink.*

"If that is who I think it is, I'm happy to hear you're alive."

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*After hearing a familiar voice coming through the radio and being confirmed it is who she thinks it is, Isobelle immediately presses the PTT*

"Killian? Killian, is that really you? It has been so long! I'm so glad you're still alive, I was getting worried you hadn't.... Hadn't made it!"

*Her voice is filled with joy*

"Killian, please switch over to 134.8. We can talk more there, we will come and get you!"

*Isobelle lets go of the PTT before switching over to 134.8*

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*Galahad sits down on a tree stump and reaches into his vest, takes out a packets of cigarettes and lights one, He heard the transmission a while ago but waited till he was away from others to reply.* 

Hello Mayor Haas, My name is Galahad. Your little utopia sounds very interesting to me and I do need a place to call home, I'm along way from England that's for sure.

*Galahad takes a drag from his cigarette and tries to decide how to ask without sounding numb*

Could you repeat that private frequency one last time? I would be very interested to meet you Pinewood people. And finding out what your little place is like.

*Galahad smiles deciding that sounded about right, takes one last drag from his cig, tosses it into his campfire, puts his radio away and startes walking deeper into the woods.*

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*Tucker takes a puff of his cigar and pushes the PTT*

"You can contact us on 134.8, we will be waiting for a response"

*Tucker takes another puff and ends his transmission*

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