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Guest Viktor Kolenkeov

The Story of Viktor.

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Guest Viktor Kolenkeov

[attachment=2560]Viktor Kolenkeov was born in Crimea,Ukraine 1990 23rd of june in the city of Kerch to one of the dominant Russian Speaking districts he was the oldest of 3 children he had 2 sisters Eva age 4 and Olga age 5 . Viktor's Father Olag and Mother Sasha were factory workers at a steal mil. At the age of 6 Viktor and his sisters would be made orphans Olag and Sasha were walking home from work where they were jumped by Ukrainian Nationalists Olag was found with defensive wounds from a knife and what killed him was slash to the neck and sasha was running away she is shot in the back with a makarov 308. For a couple of years the Kolenkeov kids were at a orphanage for 7 years it was tough they had to look out for them selves Viktor would do anything for his sisters he would not let any one take away whats left of his family. At age 13 Viktor had saved up money so him and his sisters bought as much food as they could and bought a ticket from Kerch to chernogorsk Viktor would leave the past in the past he would not have him self and his sisters living in the same place they had destroyed there lives. October 22nd of 2014 the small apartment where Viktor and his is sisters were living was now covered in the blood of two people Eva and Olga were the two people. Viktor then looked out the window to see that Chernogorsk is set ablaze with all sound drowned with screams and bullet fire. He then loocked and pondered at the corpses of his sisters. He  had to his sisters were like the impure monsters on the news they tried to kill him. Viktor ran out of there as fast as he could nothing on his back but a shirt and jeans he couldn't understand what had happened and he dident want to he just drifted day after day wandering thinking what reason he had to live and he thought to him self "my reason for living was to protect my sisters but there dead. DEAD!!! by my hand what the hell is this. My home is gone every thing is gone. i had no choice well since they are dead they cant breath or see but i can my purpose will to live for them!!!! i will live for as long as i can i will kill as many of those impure as i can!!! i will honor you my sisters. *sob sob*i love you both.*sob sob*"

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