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Dr. Vel'ký Lekár Journal (who I am)(Day1)

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When I was younger I had 1 younger sister, Vika, who is 10 years younger than me. And one older brother, Vladomir, who is 4 yers older than me. Vika was always a ray of sunshine. She was always playful and liked to hide my shit. But I didnt mind. I liked playing her 'hide and seek' games. Vladomir was my brother and I loved him as such. He used to be the kind that got into trouble but once he turned 18, he joined the military and seemed to be the most honorable soldier you ever met. As for me, I enjoyed helping people who deserved it and I did enjoy shooting and music as well. Specifically the piano. I was born August 20, 1988, and when I graduated from med school in 2014, specializing in immunology and completing my residency, I ended up going to work for the local CDC in Brezno, Slovakia. My parents supported my career greatly as well as my life choices. Except for Linda. Linda was kind of a bitch. We broke up after 3 months. Another life choice my parents didn't support was my decision to go to Chernarus and find a cure. And that is where my story begins

Hi, I am doctor Veľký, Vzor, Lekár. I used to work as a disease researcher at the CDC Brezno is Slovakia. After I heard about the crisis in Chernarus, I volunteered to come here and help research a cure for the disease. Me and my group of 5 fellow researchers were stationed at the hotel in Chernogorsk along with other medical personnel from WHO and Doctors Without Borders. We were protected by the CDF and UN soldiers. As the infection spread to the city, the forces meant to defend us either died from bandits or infected or deserted. The blockade and fear caused the supplies to stop coming which meant curing the disease would be much more difficult. I was out getting some samples with 2 other group members from the CDC. We had to be back to the hotel soon to pack up. Because of the lack of armed forces and supplies, we were going to leave. Just find some way out. Me and the others just wanted to collect some fresh samples before we left so we could continue studying it and possibly cure it. We would have more resources back at the CDC. We collected our samples and headed back to Chernogorsk. We were on foot and walking into the city when we saw the plane. Petrikov, Williams and I were shocked that a plane had made it past the blockade. But apparently, it hadnt. I watched as the smoking plane fell out of the sky and hit the hotel. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that an airplane had crashed into the building in which we were doing our research. 3 of our group members were in that building as well as several UN soldiers and almost every person with the WHO and Doctors Without Borders.. Our research was lost deep under rhe rubble in rh3 basement along with most of our protection.  It was horrifying. We saw burning bodies run out and people falling from the higher floors. Anyone who DID happen to survive grabbed their gear and ran as fast as possible. Luckily the actual plane never exploded and the fire never spread far, so me and the other 2 guys grabbed what we could scavenge from the area and wreckage and headed out. We had to find a safe place to conduct our research and that also had a long range radio so we could contact our families, and the ones of our lost colleagues. As we were leaving the city, I got attacked by one the infected. My colleagues wanted to kill me but I insisted I was fine. We had our mind set on Green Mountain. Last we heard there were still soldiers there and it was walled off. I discovered that the bite mark was healing but I was still feeling sick. I learned that the infection was being halted. I quickly realized it was because of my rare medical condition, one of the reasons I became a doctor. I have a rare illness called "AAS" or Aggressive antibody syndrome. What happens is when I am stricken ill, the antibodies over work and become more dangerous in order to halt the most resilient of infections but also cause bodily harm unless antibiotics are taken to weaken the antibodies. It's a complicated cycle and why I try and avoid getting sick as much as possible. As long as I get the proper medications, I can survive. On the journey, we lost Dr. Petrekov and my other colleague Dr. Williams decided to run off over night while we were camping. I remember him saying that the cure was complete "bullshit". And that he wasn't gonna stick around to see me turn. I am lost now. I have no idea where to go. I guess I could try and keep making my way to Green Mountain by myself. Maybe find the cure if there is one. Maybe find my other colleague.

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