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(OPEN FREQUENCY) To Dr. Williams. and anyone else within range.

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*STATIC* -lo. My name is doc- *STATIC* -ký of the CDC. I'm look- *STATIC* - my colleague, doctor Williams. I'm broadcasting on all AM frequencies, hop- *STATIC* -reach Williams or someone who can.

Wlliams. If your listening... I need you to know that the bite woun- *EXTENDED STATIC* -one of them. I think it most likely has to do with my medical condition. Who would've thought that would end up saving my life. *chuckles*.

I forgive you fo- *STATIC* -ak at the camp. You were scared for your life. I understand that, but I'm not going to turn. As long as I- *STATIC* -tics, Everything should be fine. We have to meet back up. It's our duty as the last remaining doctors in this god da- *STATIC* to find a cure for this virus. We still haven't tried- *EXTENDED STATIC* -It might work. I'm not 100% how to go about this or if it will even work but I have faith in it. No one's probably even tried it yet.-*STATIC* -t be dangerous, considering how my medical condition effects me when left unchecked, it might work in small doses. Damn, I wish I could remember my blood type.. that wou- *STATIC* -ole lot easier. Find me a blood test kit if you could. Meet me at gre- *BRIEF STATIC* -ountain, where we were headed before you ditched me.

I don't know the current situation up there, but last I heard, there were closed walls, soldiers, other doctors, food, and shelter in the nearby town zele- *STATIC* -ther you want to come back or not. I have no hard feelings. I'm lonely, haven't seen anybody since you left. I gathered some medical gear- OH MY GOD! I almost forgot. Remember the plane cra- *EXTENDED STATIC* -Ing some of our research? I managed to get in the basement and gather some of out research! It's not all lost! Most of it was dusty and crumpled and some of it damaged but it won't take us long to- *STATIC*

Where was I... *extended silence*

Well, anyways. We may be able to finish conducting out research there. If any other doctors can hear this. Please respond. We all need to work- *STATIC* -ure this thing.

So ag- *BRIEF STATIC* -nyone can give me some information on the whereabouts of my colleague and the current state of gr- *STATIC* -tain, please respond. Anyone... please.

Doctor Vel- *BRIEF STATIC* -igning off. Best of luck to everyone. May the Lord watch over us all.


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