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Guest Grinch


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Guest Grinch

Hello, DayZ RP!

Am I glad I see RP on this game. I'm an experienced RPer myself, both RP'd a long time on WoW, RP'd at SWTOR, RP'd at the Secret World, so I am looking forward!

So, I've been thinking of a character which was part of a private military company. But he went lone wolf when he was abandoned at a failed mission. He could've bought a house somewhere near the Taviana Islands, before the infection struck, though being a PMC doesn't leave you to your home much, so he'd find his girlfriend as a walking, yet decaying monster that tries to bite him in different ways now. Abandoning his little hut/house now as well, he is going out to fight the Zeds in order to seek some satisfaction for his stress, maybe meet people and offer his gun/weaponry and above all, survive this hell.

Oh, forgot to mention, he ditched his old name; "Logan Wallcroft" for his codename back when he served in the army. "Grinch" would be his nick' now.

I hope this'll be fun, though, do I need to get interviewed or something?

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Hey there, welcome to the server!

Feel free to share your backstory in the Roleplaying section of the forum, people will enjoy reading it (and I'll most likely be one of them).

As for joining us officially, you need to fill up an application found in the Whitelist section. You'll also know if you were or not accepted there. Don't worry, if you make a good RP story and you take your time, you have a good chance to get accepted. It'll be handled within 24 hours by the server owner so be patient! :)

You can find server(and TS) infos in the Informations section.

If you need anything, feel free to ask me or anyone else in the staff

Good luck for your application and I hope that you'll enjoy your time here!

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