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The Traveler

A Storm Of Justice Is Coming...

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RP Way to announce my... and something else's.... return :D 


Put music on before reading at your own leisure, it was what gave me inspiration to finally do this

Every day in Chernarus, the seeds of evil are sown and reaped.

Bandits, Hostage Takers, Canibals no worse than the undead we try to overcome... 

The day, as well as the night, is now owned by the darkness.

It is by this statement that most the citizens of Chernarus live their lives,

If not one of the monsters that do these horrid deeds, they are instead stagnate, doomed to looking after themselves, with none of the empathy of the days of old...

However, whilst today seems no different to any other since the infection began, the first sliver of change has began to brew... in the most unlikely of circumstances...

For on the outskirts of Berenzino, in a woodcutter's home known to very few of the population, lives a professor, a medic, a surgeon.... a Traveler. Living to himself, scrounging the wastes of the city near by whenever his medical supplies and fuel gets low, but all in all keeps to himself, using the local wildlife and lakes to sustain him. He has not had much of a chance to practice his trade for sometime, before the infection being  a medical officer for the local woodcutting company, but today would provide him with such an opertunity.

With a crash and a slam, a groaning bloodied husk of a man smashes through the door of the Traveler's Humble Abode, one arm tightly gripping a revolver, the other pressing down on a gaping wound on his abdomen. 

Just as quickly as it takes for the Traveler to grab his machete , mistaking the intruder for another unfortunate addition to the undead horde, the husk of a man says, in a gasped near whisper "Please , Help .... me" as he collapses to the floor... 

The man in question, throwing chaos into the Traveler's quite organized lifestyle since the infection started, did not speak, nay barely breathed, for the next few days. But at last he awoke from, what the Traveler could only imagine, his nightmare filled slumber. 

"Where....where am I?" Said the man, concerned, anxious... confused.

"Safe, as long as you don't try anything" replied the Traveler, trying to clam the man's nerves. " Now... what the hell were you doing to allow this to happen? Obviously not a zombie or you would already have an axe lodge in your skull" 

"Being an idiot... 3 Bandits trying to rob some poor bastard on the highway into Berenzino... I decided to try and make sure they got what they deserved and. well"  he says whilst gesturing to his, now bandaged, wound.

"Poor bastard... at least you got away though right?" The Traveler says, trying to bring a light on the situation...

"Oh No, you do not understand, the guy managed to get away, and the bandits... well... didn't. I just got a bit unlucky in the execution of my good deed"... Says the stranger, a distinct sense of pride in his voice. "However, it isn't enough is it? The bandits, cannibals, all in all evil out there right now, it just keeps getting stronger and more common. How long until it just becomes the norm? Until the putrid stentch of corruption and death becomes the only template on which to build your lifestyle upon?..." The man, who's mood now seems much more akin to that of the Traveler on a good day, slumps slightly in his bed.

"Well, there is you at least? Are you not proof that there is still at least some hope?" Says the Traveler, now trying to reassure himself as much as the stranger.

"Ha..." Grunts the stranger " Look where it got me, who's to say there is a nice shiny doctor to patch me up next time I'm in a charitable mood? Besides, real change would need more an idea than a man, ideas give rise to groups... communities... but even then communities need to be fed. And EVEN THEN who would lead them?"


 Says the Traveler, his voice showing signs of enthralment and confidence alike.

"Me? Look, I may have hunted a few bad guys down, both before and after this started, but I do not know how to patch up wounds,  keep men fed, keep them happy... keep them alive... how would I... Infact.... how could I even begin to believe I have the right skills to be anything close to a leader.

"You shouldn't... because you don't" coldly says the Traveler ... "But I could teach you" The words coming out as more of a plea than an opportunity... 

"You could? But... why?" Says the stranger, "What do you have to gain?" 

"An idea..." Says the Traveler "The idea that someone, anyone, could keep the law going in this fucking hell hole."

"Th.... Thank you..." Says the stranger, genuine gratitude, and even excitement dominating his voice. 

"The pleasure is all mine" says the Traveler "But I do have one request before we begin" 

"Yes?" Curiously says the stranger.

"What is your name?" 

Andrew Washington ....


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I thought you returned a few months ago ?? Odd

Anyways welcome back law keeper

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I thought you returned a few months ago ?? Odd

Anyways welcome back law keeper

Was a Teaser :) This is the full confirmation :P  And also new backstory for a new, standalone chernarus :)

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Welcome back to DayZRP, looking forward to what you're bringing us in terms of Forum and IG roleplay.

Good luck and have fun out there!

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Welcome back to the community.

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Nice to see you come back!

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AWESOME, Lawkeeper!

Great to see someone like you return, can't wait to read more. I'd love to meet you in-game as well.

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Guest Flluroz

Welcome back.

this whitename greets you.

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