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[Open Broadcast All Frequencies] To My Family

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*The radio cuts on with static and noises of shifting leaves on the ground.*

"Brothers, Sisters, this is Jordan. *sickly cough* I don't know where I am. I have been wandering this forest for a few days passing in and out of consciousness. I need so- *radio cuts off* *radio cuts back on* Damn thing! If you can hear me I- *radio goes dead*

*Jordan tosses his radio on the ground in anger screaming.*

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Heroz_Nick    21

"Hey...man, get a hold of yourself and think for a moment...try think about where you were last?...who are you brothers and sisters...do they know where you are or..have a separate frequency..perhaps someone else can contact them... look for landmarks, signs something to identify the area..."


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Destinwolf    13

*Lou hears the very familiar voice coming through the radio; a voice he hasn't heard in weeks. He twists the volume up a few notches and removes it from his vest pocket, holding down the push-to-talk button*

"...Jordan? Are you okay? Uhmmm... What kind of trick is this? If the Father is using you to get to us, it's not going to happen. No fucking way. I've offered you care and shelter before in the past.. I can make that offer to you again now, but you have to promise me, you won't tell the Father or anyone of my whereabouts, understand? I'll come to you. Just... fuck.... just go to the place where I first met you. I can meet you there if you're not too weak to make it there. I can help you, but don't you dare turn around and put a knife in my back, brother, or if I even get the feeling that you're setting me up, so fucking help me God, it won't be pretty."

*Lou spits on the ground at the thought of the Father and his old family hunting him and the rest down. Anger begins to swell in his chest, so he twists off the top of his bottle of whiskey and takes a sip as he waits to hear back from his long lost brother.*

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