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Sam B

[All Frequencies] Anyone in need

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*You hear static before a rough cough and a man clearing his throat before speaking in a distinctive irish accent*

"Hello, this is Paddy Rooke, ex-lieutenant of the United Nations and ex-member of the african security company. Anyone who hears this message and is in need of assistance will be able to find me most days at the supermarket in Stary. I will be keeping my radio at my side in case anyone wishes to contact me over radio first, I recognise that this message might get me some unwanted attention, but for those of you who may come after me for reasons other than wishing assistance, i wish that you keep in mind you cannot break something any more than it is already broken..."

*Radio goes silent as Paddy makes his way towards Stary Sobor*

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*Sinister picks up his radio after hearing Paddy's voice.*

"Paddy my good friend, how are things? Listen I have been hearing about different groups sprouting in ones that hate people like us. I'm hoping that they realise that you are a good guy. This is Sinister Vain signing off."

*Sinister puts the radio down whilst pulling bullets out of his limbs*

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