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For Thomas&Amy; Common Freq

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*As the radio starts transmitting, the sound of rushing winds and leaves being crunched by heavy footsteps can be heard clearly. The first few moments are silent.*


*The panic in Alek's voice was unusual. Heavy breathing and huffing was all that could be heard.*


*Loud cries from Dora could be heard from a distance as Alek span in circles trying to find where the little voice was coming from.*

"Dora follow my voice! We have to get moving, please!"

*She begged Dora to cooperate for once.*


*Suddenly shots cracked loudly - definitely close to the two girls.*


*The radio cuts out for just over an hour - then the button is pressed once more.*

"Thomas, Amy - god I hope you're listening right now. I didn't abandon you, neither did Dora. We've been taken... taken by these men. All of them are American. They.... they're using us.. for our bodies, our skills, as bait to lure more women and men..."

*Alek sniffles softly - never has she shown weakness until now.*

"We escaped again.. but they always find us. You two need to be strong. You need to learn to protect yourselves. Kill ANYONE who may harm you, trust no one."

*Dora's soft voice can be heard in the background.*

"Amy? Thomas? I'm scared..."

"I'll try and find you as soon as I can, and if I never see you two again - please remember all that I've taught you. Grow strong and tough. Do not let people walk all over you and treat you like children. I lov-"

*She's cut off by the sound of an axe hitting the handle of a door.*

"You stupid bitch!" 

*The sound of Alek's last cry before hitting the ground hard was heard over Dora's screams.*

*Transmission ends*

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