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Cpt. John Thorn

Power In The Blood

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In the dark, it was impossible to see the knob on the radio rotate past the off position. There was only a soft click and the dill green light of the small LED on it's side. A calloused thumb depressed the faded red button on the side. The plastic was cold and smooth. He cleared his throat once and began to speak.


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Bjon    15

Sitting in his office, getting some work done before his next meeting, Mickey heard his radio buzz to life and a very recent, familiar voice rang through it. The voice began speaking directly to Mickey, making him feel a bit uneasy as he had done nothing to prompt a response from this person. Though, as the man kept talking a grin grew across Mickey's face. Once the voice over the radio stopped, Mickey pondered for a few minutes on if he should respond to it or not. It could easily be a set-up, but something inside of Mickey thought that idea was somehow humorous. After shrugging off his worries he picked up the radio, brought it to his lips and began to speak in a slightly playful tone.


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