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[Common Frequency] Rehabilitation Attempt 003; Subject: Amelia Mercer

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The night is cold and dark, a small feminine figure lays below Mickey, her hands tied behind her back. Kneeling beside her, Mickey sat smiling, soaking in the moment. He had captured Amelia Mercer somehow, and was now in complete control of her. Knowing she needs help and that her most recent treatment wasn't enough, Mickey pulls out the radio he took from Amelia and a Hacksaw from his backpack; it's about time her next Rehabilitation session began.


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The rules regarding radio use are simple: Broadcasts to the Jackals are for the ears of all the Jackals. Beforehand, Seymour would find himself looking outside of dusty windows inside cramped tool sheds while he listened to the radio. Now, the radio is broadcast at night around the campfire, often while his brothers ate, drank, or otherwise contemplated the events of the day.

Thaddeus was circling through the broadcasts, passing over the constantly repeated vinyl records playing classical music and random jargon that was as full of static as it was full of meaningless information. Seymour and his brothers were all listening when Mickey began speaking.

Jack and the boy were standing guard some fifty meters away. The radio was not loud enough for them to hear. At first Seymour was curious, inviting the other men to gather around and hear the handiwork of their new ally. A few comments about Mickey were made, but were quickly shushed so that the men could continue listening.

Some of the Jackals looked uneasy. Seymour could feel it in the air -- The nerves of Amelia resonating through the frequency, her fear powerful enough to expunge the humanity from these bastards surrounding the radio. Grit could only take us all so far. Was this Amelia's only struggle? 

The beauty of rehabilitation was lost on Seymour, as the girls' crying reminded him of his childhood locked away in the closet. Eventually he had stopped crying, but only when he was sure that his Mother was dead and never coming to unlock the door.

Mickey began making threats, and the crying persisted.

Jack heard the whimpering from a long distance away, and began approaching the group. Seymour saw him coming from a distance, and quickly yelled at Thad to turn off the radio.

" But why? It's just getting good!" one of the Jackals said.

" Fucking turn it off!" Seymour shouted.

The radio flicked off. Jack walked up, began studying the Jackals faces. He knew something was wrong.

Seymour stayed quiet, but he could still hear her. Whimpering. Sobbing. Begging for help, when it was nowhere to be found. Jack started asking questions. Seymour barked at the other Jackals, making sure Jack didn't know about this. He couldn't know about this. 

No one told Jack anything that night, but Seymour lie awake for a long while. He might have fallen asleep, but after what felt like an eternity the sun rose. 

In the morning, Seymour went over to where Jack was sleeping. He nudged him with his boot, waking him.

" Jack, we need to talk..."

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*Ivan listens to the radio transmission, his knuckles white from gripping the radio so tightly. Blood ran down the right side of his face, where the wounds had split from the tension of his frown. His whole body shuddered in rage that threatened to overwhelm him.

He dared not speak, for he knew he emotions would get the better of him. He only listened, until the last word was uttered, and the transmission cut out. Ivan held his position for several minutes before deciding to respond, carefully.*

"Mickey.... you should-"

*A slight gasp is heard, followed by heavy breathing. The next voice that speaks is deeper, MUCH deeper....*

"I'm so.... very.... bored."

*The radio suddenly cuts off*

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The morning was cold. It felt long, and Seymour was groggy with the weight of Jack's judgement upon him.

He thought back to the conflict in Gorka. He knew the two in question were weak. 

Thomas was weak.

Amelia was weak.

But they were innocent. Merely children. He remembered Jack's stern words, reminding him of honor. He thought about Felix. A seventeen year old boy, and Seymour had stuck a knife inside of his mouth, and tore through his cheek. Why did he do that? Because,

Felix was weak.

Seymour stood in the middle of a field, overlooking a man-made ditch. The bottle from the other night, plastic and empty, was thrown into the ditch. He watched it, feeling the warmth of the alcohol inside of him. Nothing seemed to be working out. There were men who trusted Seymour, but no one that Seymour trusted.

He suddenly felt sick. His head began to spin. He plopped himself on the ground, and lie on his back. His helmet kept his neck propped, and he lay there trying to balance the sickness. He'd been drinking all night. He felt for the radio in his vest pocket, and laying there, away from the rest of the Jackals, he began to broadcast to Mickey.

" Mickey..." his voice was heavy, deep, and downtrodden.

" We need to talk..."

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*Austin hears the radio transmission end and speaks into the the radio*

You have one.

But the jobs not done.

Theres still another.

Whos not like the other.

*Austin sits down and puts the radio back in the backpack*

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*Sitting in a little shack, cold and shaking, she picks up her radio. The volume on the radio skips all over from being so old and barely functional.* 

"Mickey why....... Why are you doing this?"

*Her voice trembles, almost unable to speak." 

"She's just a child... leave them alone.."

*Alek slowly places the radio on the floor, and huddles into the corner before attempting to get some rest.*

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*Zoya picks up the radio she found after her last had been smashed from throwing it.  Tears well at the corners of her eyes from rage and she shouts into the radio with robust anger, the anger and rage only a mother could have*

Jak se opovažuješ nepořádek s mysli mladého člověka , jako je tento ! Jsizasraný zbabělec ! Girl ! Amy ! Setkal jsem se u ohně s mužem jménem Chase a Sam . Pamatuješ si? Mikey jdu vytrhnout vás na kusy pro ublížil těchto nevinných lidí . Jsi nemocný !

*Zoya pauses and mumbles something incoherent*

English, yes.  Mister Mikey I have chased you.  I have chased you from Novy Sabor to Gorka, To polana and Dolina.  I have done this because you were messing with a poor delusional girl, and trying to take advantage of her.  It was a clever game pretending to be mute, and the fact that you was getting away was not due to your own cunning, but false trail to send you away from the native woman.  We will catch you, we will catch you and alert every person who you have wronged, we will let them beat you, we will let them torrrrrrrture you.  Then when the hands of more innocent people are done with you we will be killing you.  It unacceptable to be hurting young people, not mention the charge of trying to harm one of few chernarussian females left in world.  Start counting cowvard, My Rodina.... uhhhh "Family" will be seeing you soon.

*Zoya's voice cracks a little on the last few words as she remembers her own children*

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