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Great Khan


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Thomas walks along a straight road, looking upon the end of it as it ascends up a very steep hill into the forests. He looks back from the direction he came - the church. Staring towards this direction for only a few moments, his eyes then roll to the direction of the brothers and sisters grouped with him on the road. Looking at every single one, he then proceeds to take out his radio and pushes the button to speak*

Father.... I don't know if you can hear this or not.... but if you are listening... then I recommend you listen very closely. Back in Khasvyurt, I remember you fondly. Back then, we were all stuck in the madness together. You face was so pale... you were so weak. Weren't we all though, the things those monsters did to us... oh how they tortured us. *A dark laugh is broadcasted down the radio, lasting only a second*

When the day of judgment arrived, The Maker showed me mercy. You freed me from my cell. I still remember it to this day. These foul creatures were running rampage, biting and ripping apart everything they saw. How I remember the terrifying screams from the doctors on the outside of my bars. I thought I was going to rot away.... I thought it was the end. Yet I saw you, for a brief second on the outside of my bars. You stared at me... only for a brief second... whereby you then shook the keys in your hand. Immediately you open my door, leading me to escape to my freedom. 

I found you in Cheranarus. I was so lost... I was so cold. The rain battered me down and I was on the verge of dying. I found you though... I saw you. You were happy. I arrived at Novy... and I saw you with my fellow asylum brothers. You all looked so happy. I came up to speak with you... and you were so accepting. No one else would have accepted me... no one. 

My time with you, I learnt all about the Maker. I learnt what he was, I learnt how he freed me and I stand to this point... perhaps the greatest scribe in the world when relating to his knowledge. It was your teaching... and my time with my brothers... which made me who I am today.

Yet we have come to understand what you really are... dear Father. I once loved you... I once would of died for you. But I've realized... through my lessons in the Maker... that he is oneness, he is infinite and he has no beginning. He is the greatest God and the one who created this land... and his creation... mankind... has failed to build the world the Maker envisioned. He gave us all the resources to allow us to maintain and create a beautiful world... yet mankind was greedy. He is full of perfect traits and he is the one to judge his creation.

Yet you tell me that you are to judge others.... you are the Makers' judgement. No man whatsoever can be capable of judging who is worthy and who is not worthy in the afterlife. No one. Anyone who does... anyone who seeks this... attempts to play God. This is the utmost of sin... for this is why we are being judged Father. Too many people have dabbled their affairs in playing God and so our great and Glorious God has responded. Do you see any government now? No.... the Maker has wiped those who play God away from this ridden place. HE HAS JUDGED THEM.

I have overtaken you in knowledge of The Maker. I have been educated on what is the righteous path. The Maker is real... he has changed my whole life. Yet you are not his prophet... you are not what you say you are... YOU ARE NOT GOD! My fellow Brothers and Sisters fear for their lives everyday knowing they have to protect someone.... who they see as a lost cause. Someone who is not really who they say to be. So we have taken the decision to leave.

I could of killed you... you know... while you were asleep. Yet I couldn't. Call me weak, but no one consists of perfect traits other than our great Glorious God... The Maker. I remember how you freed me from Khasvyurt.... yet I also see the devil in you! Good and Evil ey...

We will be gone... and I hope we don't see one another again. If you seek to harm us... or hurt us... I shall do everything in my power to stop you... and kill you. Know that you are a wanted man Father. We could easily sell you out if need be.... I know much about you.... after all...  I have spent most of my judgement days with you.

Thomas puts his radio back onto his belt, proceeding to walk down the road... opposite the direction he came*

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                                               *Jessica hears bother Thomas down the radio and she listin for a while before she starts to talk*                                                                                                                                                                                        

 Father..... what Thomas has said has open up my eyes yes the maker has seen us as his child but does this really mean that we have to give are life's to  him if so i cant do that and i wont do that i am sorry father but so many people are after me because of what i believe in and i cant take it no more i have to leave and a lot of people are after you and some of them are my friends and they have told me if i am with you i will die and sorry to say father but i am not getting killed  for you i am not getting killed  for no one this is my life and the maker has not showed me the right pave the maker has sown me the wrong road to go down to i have made so many enemy s i don't want that and my bothers and sisters are leaving because of you this maker you have told me about father has gave me pain if i see you i swear i will kill you you have hurt my bothers and sister it is time for you to pay for what you have done to all of us....................................

                                                  *Jessica feels better that she said this and walks away with a smile on her face*

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Bob listens into Thomas's words why sticking a dumbfounded face. After hearing Jessica talk, Bob clicks on the receiver. 

EERR? ....wheres everyone gone? Everyone's just left the father or hates him?. I don't know what's been going on but he was always nice to me?...ermm.. err. I don't know where this is going now... Maybe you'll start anew and you the scribe will teach them.  Praise the maker more and all that. Maybe you'll go and hide deep in the forests and live like the gummi bears for a while. I guess that's a good idea as well cause the fathers preachins have caused some trouble I take it?

Well errmmm mmm.... I think it best for me to sit on the steps of the church and wait for him to turn up. I don't think it's very nice to run off after he me took in. I'll stay put a few days and see I can talk to him, see if he's feeling ok and all that.

Everyones just left without telling me where they were going...mmm.. I get it. nobody knows me that well and can't trust me or I'm not powerful enough in the maker's eyes to follow in all your footsteps... and err..yeah. I guess we'll meet agian sometime when the maker tells you all i'm ready. mmm.

Bob clicks off his radio. puts it in his orange coat pocket and sits down on the steps before the church. 

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*whilest pushing the two trees, that Corry pulled down a few months ago, up and replanting them, Corry heres the message he smiles, he picks up his radio and responds.*

Waiting for my next orders.  

*he puts down his radio*

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***Fred here something from hes damaged radio bits and bats not every thing just part of follow him***

I will still serve under you and with you...

*whipser close to the radio*

I have not repaid you yet Thomas about my sister...

And I need also to find her...

***Freds radio broke***

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*Sinister picks up the radio in a hurry*

"Corry you joined the faith? What caused this? I hope you found what you were looking for with them I still need to find the Killers of John Hathcock my brother but I hope to see you soon"

*Sinister puts down the radio*

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*Corry hears Sinisters message and picks up his radio to respond*

Our Sin my brother you are still alive thats good, you want to know why i turned to the faith simple answer, Thomas, it was just orders. but i dont know a John Hathcock but im sorry to hear about his death, and if you can find me i need wolves with me Sin.

*Puts down radio*

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