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Jonathan Stone - The "full" story.

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Caesar    438

Who is Jonathan Stone you may ask, that intriguing and handsome *ahem* fellow from Australia. That mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in self delusion. Well let me tell you a fascinating tale.

Jonathan Stone was born in Perth, Australia in 1992. A state very few people know about unless you know about the mining world. While one of the richest states in Australia the fact that it was heavily reliant of resources meant that the economy could be unpredictable at the best of the times, the Texas of Australia if you will. Perth was often considered a very sleepy city with most places having shops that closed at 5pm. There were a few places for the late night party-goers but nothing to truly marvel at.

In general Jonathan's home life was happy, he enjoyed the typical nuclear family with two adoring parents. Unfortunately his father was rarely at home as he worked 7 days a week and close to 70 hours a week. As such he relished the few opportunities he did get to bond with him, the few times a year they went fishing or to the movies were some of the happiest moments of his life. 

Jonathan was one of only two children, with his older brother being 3 years older. Growing up the level of rivalry between them was intense, especially when it came to academic pursuits. While they enjoyed different subjects and hobbies they both felt the need to do their absolute best when it came to their studies. As a result of this rivalry Jonathan while not the brightest in his classes certainly was not far off.

Upon entering high school his tendency to do well in most subjects continued. Jonathan had the same problems many people his age do with things like bullying and peer pressure. However he channeled these frustrations into becoming a more resilient and mature person. Due to this he often found it easier to relate to adults rather than his peers. While he was not alienated from his peers he certainly did not prefer the company of people his own age.

He ended up studying Emergency Medicine at the second most prestigious university in the state, while this may sound good in theory the difference between first and second was quite obvious to all but the most inept. Even so he did respectably in most subjects. More interestingly was what Jonathan did when he wasn't pursuing his academics. During the financial crisis he came to the very real conclusion that the capitalistic basis of most modern economies was destructive to both the social order and the world in general. Greed caused so much misery and always did even before the GFC and it was rewarded, almost no-one was persecuted for ruining millions if not billions of lives. In fact the opposite happened, the richest managed to escape with billions in bonuses. Jonathan suspected there was a better way, due to this he participated in many of the intellectual forums present at the university and specifically found communism to be the most ideologically pure. Unfortunately due to Australia's heavily market based economy there was no real way for Jonathan for further act upon these beliefs.

He graduated university at a time when the economy was slowing down, Australia had resisted most of the global financial Crisis. However, with demand from China slowing and the European Union still experiencing extreme economic conditions it took Jonathan 6 months to find any work. Even then, to find this work he had to compromise. He decided rather than taking paid work he would accept a position with a charity that provided cheap medical assistance to third world nations. The firm he was hired to work for needed him in a backwater nation known as Chernarus. Jonathan was always weak at Geography but he had not even heard of this place before.

After the US forces landed and created a beachhead in Chernarus he was able to work closely with the locals. He dealt mainly with after effects of the significant amount of displaced refugees. This meant dealing with diseases on a regular basis. It was rare that he would assist any civilians or personnel directly injured in the war. Over time he became distressed due to the fact that he had limited freedoms due to the security measures imposed upon him by the US forces. Being able to handle it no longer he decided he would leave the camp for a short while to prevent himself becoming further stir crazy.

Upon leaving the compound all was well for the first half an hour. All did not stay well, emerging into a clearing in the forest he was ambushed by a small and isolated force of Chedaki soldiers. He was taken prisoner and knocked out. When he came through he quickly found out he had been taken to the city of Gorka where the Chedaki had been holding out. For several days and nights he was left with little food, water or companionship until one day Jonathan could hear much yelling. Through the windows to his room he could see and hear the howling of the wounded man they were carrying in. Seeing this as his opportunity to ingratiate himself he quickly offered his services to aid the wounded man. Despite their hesitancy they had little choice, so under armed guard Jonathan began the process of disinfecting and closing the wound. Luckily the wound was minor and the bullet had already safely exited the body. 

The man stayed unconscious for the next 12 hours. Jonathan was permitted to stay in order to attend to the man should any emergency arise, luckily none did. Jonathan eventually passed out due to the severe pressure of the last day. This would be the start of a friendship that lasts until this day. Jonathan saved the man that he later knew as Vlad Sokolov, in return Vlad offered convinced the Chedaki to allow him to continue to work as their medic. Jonathan quickly agreed, at first hesitantly.

Over the next few years he came to know these men as brothers, they depended on him and he depended on them. Vlad Sokolov had suffered minor nerve damage but seemed to be able to function normally. Quite recently however Vlad had some kind of accident, what exactly he has never revealed. This has aggravated the nerve damage and has made use of the shoulder painful. The outlook for Vlad is uncertain, without advanced medical training and equipment Jonathan has been doing his best, only time will tell the extent of Vlad's recovery.

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WarMachine    11

Very good Caesar, read this early and enjoyed it for the most part. Looking forward to more!

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Guest K-Jack   
Guest K-Jack

Officially one of the genocidal brothers. Good read mate. Looking forward to seeing it play out ingame!

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