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[Open Broadcast] My Final Words...

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*Hawk slowly walks into a brown wooden house, with an unholstered Colt Python .357 in hand. Hawk gets himself on his knees and begins to hold the transmit button firmly. You hear a man in fear, despair, sadness, and pain with a raspy and quiet voice while the static muffles his voice*

"Good Evening, Chernarus---You may recognize my voice-My name is Hawk. And I'm going to be hunted soon, but I have a burden on me that I cannot live with. I tried to play the innocent person, but ended up being the one who was in danger. I thought my family could've saved me from my past, but I engulfed myself into it.

To Kat: You're still not a bad person in my eyes, you're a very nice, gentle, and beautiful woman. Remember that day you saved me from suicide? I knew that no matter what people say about you, you are a caring and considerate person. And no, you're not a disappointment. Also, that beacon clothing still doesn't work. You keep on going with what you do, godspeed, Kat.

*Hawk lets out a sigh and some tears but then continues.*

To Garrett: Garrett, I mainly only met you when you started with amnesia, and I'm glad we were able to talk out your confusion about what was happening. I knew what you were feeling, hell, I still can't remember things. What I do know, is you're a very calming person, you're a man willing to protect his friends, like I tried to do, but I have failed. You seemed to be a man that I could just sit around with and fuck around with, insults seemed very accepting between us. Godspeed, Garrett.

To Jessica Matthews: I never really got to meet you, hell, I did, but never really spoke to you. And, I really wish I did. You seemed like one of the toughest woman I've met, but with no reason. You just have that persona. You were very interesting when talking near Old Fields about your past. But, I see a woman with potential. Godspeed, Jessica.

To Henshen Qcois: Thank you for unlocking a piece of my past. I barely met you, and now I've rarely seen you. But, you were funny as hell, even in these times. I wish I knew you more, Godspeed.

To Bob, the Orange: You're simply funny as hell, bob the builder. Godspeed.

*You hear a chuckle over the radio*

To Mr. Tucker: Tucker, if I can remember, you were the man who saved me from my first attempt at a suicide. You taught me what it means to be a survivor, that I cannot give up, I'm sorry that I'm failing you, but I have too much of a burden on me that might hurt the rest of my friends. To the rest, listen to Tucker's words, he's a brilliant man. Godspeed, Tucker.

To Melody: I never really had a chance to really know you, Melody. But, what I do know, is that you need to stay strong. I hope that some day the weapon's training I gave to you will work well and you'll be able to protect yourself. If you still think that you can get away with being innocent these days? Sorry, but the answer is no, everyone is guilty of something they have did here. Godspeed, Melody.

To the children of Chernarus: People who should've been in school that are here---Stick with major protection, you may not know it, but it's possible that you could be the survivors here. Godspeed, Children.

To the Vigil: You men and woman are very brave and encouraging. You made me feel strength when I was with you for that one day. To Timmy and Geo, I'm glad you two are together. Your name of the damn group is guard, that means something to me, you know. So, do me a favour guys, guard those who need it. Godspeed, the Vigil.

To those who have helped me in the hell: Thank you, I couldn't have made it through.

And finally, to Karoline: Th--these are m--m-my final words...I love you."

*You hear a .357 round fire off as you hear a thud and finally, static as the transmission goes quiet*

I can't avoid the violence, but I can avoid the dark, so I stand here in defiance in what now has left me scarred. 

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*Donny sighs after hearing the transmission and begins to almost yell into his radio*

     Really Hawk... Really?  You survive some random ass Russians, make me think you're dead, and suddenly run into me a few weeks later.  Disappear after that encounter, again!  And now after all of that, you just go and off yourself? Just gone. *snaps fingers* Just like that!

*Donny sighs and speaks in a calmer tone*

     Rest in peace Hawk, if only you knew that there were people that could have helped you.

*The transmission ends*

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*Wong feels happy after hearing this radio*

Thank fuck your suicidal shit got boring and annoying..wait I'm talking to a dead person. ugh how silly of me. 

*Wong releases the button and laughs with his fellow brothers about Hawks death*

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*Bobby laughs after hearing hawk's little transmission*

"Well, Hahah... Holy shit Hawk.. I would say rest in peace but i really hope your body gets devoured by those already dead freaks out there. Once a coward, always a coward right?

*you can hear bobby breaks out in laughter before his transmission breaks off*

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*Radio starts to emit a slight humming sound when you suddenly hear a younger voice listening in and answer*

Huh.. Hawk.. This shouldn't have happen blyat...

This will be answered for...

*You hear loud noises as the young man violently yells and the radio goes static*

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