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[Open Broadcast] Run

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The radio silence is interrupted by a man, he speaks in desperation and in poor health. He breathes heavily through the microphone and sounds withered by the past.

It is not safe... Never has been. I was walking through the town of Dolina on one crisp Cherno-russian morning, when a strange man clad in the blue scrubs we used to see when we got our physicals at the hospital. Him and several others approached me, "We are the Doctors without borders, fear not!" No. Do fear. They took me, they took my dare Angelina, they took us deep into the Cherno-russian wilderness and then it all went down for us. Before then we had made it by picking berries and picking up the scraps others had left behind from scavenging old vehicles and houses. The doctor, calling himself Klaus von Eishvitz took us both, saying he was testing an injection for cholera. He was all charming, all friendly, until he asked me to leave the room. I would not leave my dare wife, not ever again would I leave her... I denied him.

Before long, a soldier wearing all black approached us, he wore a gas mask and his voice was muffled by his air filtration device, he told me that I had to come with him now. I said no, I would not let them just take me away, I knew now something not right was up. The soldier told another to come in, and the two dragged me away from my wife, after breaking my right leg and leaving a trail of my blood from my wife to the tree they tied me to. They gagged me, they blinded me. I could still hear however. Around me in that poorly lit forest, I heard shrieks as the doctor injected countless drugs into her system. I could hear her begging for mercy, begging for him to stop, he only re-assured her of the fact that if she continued, I would die. She stopped, and took in whatever damned chemical agent that man was putting into her. 

After maybe ten minutes my gag and my blind-fold was taken off and I was brought to my wife, I cried out to her "Angelina, are you okay! What did they do to you?!" She looked at me, up and down, before looking to my head and saying "Angelina?" The doctor then laughed very loudly, and speaking in his thick, sadistic Austrian voice he said "You poor fool, you don't know an Angelina. You do not have a wife. Well, not anymore. For this women does not know who you are. And for that, we ought to take her with us away from you... After all, it would be nice to have a little someone to warm my bed at night, hah." I looked at Angelina in desperation, shouting "What is happening, Angelina!" My cries were interrupted by the doctor who looked only to me, seemingly staring into my eyes and saying "Break his other leg, we must find another female specimen, he is not needed." In response, one of the soldiers said "Yes doctor."They broke my leg, left me there, left me watching as they carried my wife deeper into the forests, until all I could see was the emerging fog. 

That was all I remember of Angelina now, and I wonder where she is every day and every night, I worry for her life... Do not trust these doctors, these sadistic men. The doctors without borders are not what they say they are... Please. Do not make the mistake we made... 

The radio then cuts out, and his cries of desperation are once again replaced with the familiar static.

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