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A Submerged Transmission

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The transmission started with the sound of a large object hitting the water, before rapidly sinking. The sounds of disturbed water could be heard, as well as the stifled screams of someone close by. 

After only a few minutes, the frantic waters would fall back to their calm state, save the occasional swish by that signaled life in the waters.

Another transmission would overlap the previous. This time, a man sounding like he was from Boston would come over. The tone of his voice sounded rather monotone, and detached.

"Afta' all the thangs this man 'ere did ta' people in this fine country, how's it that I am da' only one watchin' my brother's bubbles stop? Maybe Chase is close by, prolly is. Takin' his time, just'a watchin' me.

Anyhow, let's get this here thang rollin'. The radio I am talkin' over, was a radio I taped to a Mistah Kaiden Stone. Dem sounds ya' all hearin? Dat's the sound of the Green Sea. Connect two an' two, ya' get what I did. Nawh, I heard some of y'all complainin' about dis here man on the radio, sayin' how ya' wanted him dead or somethin'. Well, he's just a sittin' here unda the water of the Chernogorsk docks. Dropped him off the end of it, in the deep bit. Pain in da' ass ta' do, but dat's the rule.

Hold a funeral, if ya' want. I made sure his face be good enough fo' an open display. I'm respectful like that. To those a wonderin', I didn't rough him up. Just held a gun to his back, made him tie his own feet up, and den duct taped em down. Again, a pain in da ass ta' do, but it worked. Added a heavy fuckin' bit of rock, and that did it just fine." 

The man briefly listened to the area around him, the sounds of some crickets, and the occasional fish coming to the surface of some water could be heard.

"Nevah really had anythang planned out fo' dis, but uh, hope y'all don't get mad fer not doin it the way you wanted, or fo' not torturin' his ass. I guess I should wrap this shit up. 

Sorry fo' not bein' there ta' stop him, Miss Rebeka Blaylock. Hope dis helps ya' rest easy and all that.

My last apology goes out ta' you, Mistah Kaiden Stone. Sorry fer not bein' able to defuse all this shit, and sorry it ended the way it did."

A sigh is heard over the radio, and the sounds of the man rising to his feet are heard as he starts walking off.

"Doin' y'all a favor...This is Mistah Milo Cross signin' off.

Now ta' find that jive ass mo'fucka who carved into my arm, get this shit burnt off..."

The radio cut out while the man was grumbling to himself about his tattoos.

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*While laughing with his brothers he hears Milos message and feels a sudden sadness come over him he struggles to reply only being able to say a few words* 

Rest In Peace Brother. Gamblers 4 Life.

*Wong release the button on his radio and walks off to be alone*

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Kat listens intently to a familiar voice on the radio, for whom she once gave a mission to

As she slowly slides her thumb back and forth over her right hand's cut on her palm, she mumbles to herself without pressing the radio button down,

"Fuck, I wanted to do that." 

She smiles as she hangs on to every word, before slowly and quietly opening a door to reveal a sleeping woman; for whose name reminds you of a song. 

Kat takes a moment to stare at her briefly, before slowly closing the door, and returning to her original position just outside the woman's room. 

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Guest slummylemon

*Chase sitting on top of the crane in chernogorsk after watching the whole thing go down hears the radio transmission as it happens*

It's a shame it ended the way it did hm? Anyway its the only way it... could have happened, Rule Number ... 3 and all yes?

*Chase Chuckles and sets his radio down climbing down the crane to meet up with milo to move out*

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