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Guest RayymondLmao

First Day Impressions

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Guest RayymondLmao

>Be me, total RP betaguy

>First day actually attempting to RP on server

>Cannot find a single person

>Walking around beach near Kamenka

>Get bored

>Stand on dock with hands in air

>Lean left and right

>Put on OMI's cheerleader 

>This continues for an hour

>This entire time I'm holding the attachable pouches for the plate carrier

>Come back from 30 second AFK to find three people staring at me


>Dude asks what I'm doing

>Panics and bullshits something about calisthenics

>He doesn't understand

>Say that sea air is good for the blood while doing calisthenics

>I have no control of my speech at this point

>He walks away

>Blurt out "I'm a trader I have a lot of good loot."

>He gets interested

>Offer my burlap sack for some SKS ammo, mistakenly call it leather bag

>He needs to talk to someone on TS to confirm if they need a leather bag

>Walks into a bush and leaves me with the other guys

>Can't hear one well and the other is talking to both of us at the same time

>Answer in complete non-sequiters and questions

>They ask if I have been doing drug

>"Maybe. I can't remember."

>Other guy comes back and find out it's a burlap sack

>He gets mad

>Tries to offer bandages and a mag for his AK

>Already has five mags

>Tells them I have to meet a guy to go to Stary soon

>Complete lie

>AK-74 dude insults his friend and Novy; calls them smelly

>Offer to sell them Febreeze

>They decline and swim off to the Prison Island to play Water Polo

>Sit on the dock and contemplate dancing again

>Decide to go loot Kamenka

>Find nothing anywhere

>Come back

>Three dudes are back from PI

>Full military outfits now

>The guy with the AK-74 offers to buy the attachable pouch with 75 SKS ammo

>Tell him I'll give him pouch with all the loot in it for the ammo and a cargo pants

>Says no

>Cave and give him entire thing for the ammo

>We each place our stuff on the ground

>Server restart

>Comes back

>Pouch is on the roof of a shed, three guys and ammo missing completely


>Decides to go to PI



>Makes fire

>Meet a cool guy named Bre/anda/o/en

>Give him food and sticks for a splint

>Share fire

>Loot buildings for things

>Don't find much

>He leaves

>Two guys with AKs appear out of nowhere

>Casually greet them, "Gentlemen."

>Shitting pants

>They're walking around not saying a word like they're talking about mugging me in TS

>Suddenly both sprint across the bridge and go into the prison

>Hides in a bush

>Never see another person until the next night cycle

>Spent entire IG day on the island waiting to talk to a Regulator

>Finds out they're all at GM


>Prepares to leave

>Bullet pings off of ground next to me


>Spend 20 minutes hiding behind a wall

>Look out at mainland with binoculars

>mfw I see 6 fully geared players are sprinting along train tracks to the east

>Go back to hiding in a bush

>Server restart

>Come back in the water under the bridge with a broken leg

>Server restarts screwing me over, got in next to no RP, shot at, stayed on an island for a whole day without ever accomplishing what I went there for

>I love this goddamn game

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Guest slummylemon

Nice Green Text,Go Back To 4chan


No But seriously 10/10 would rp again

best game N/A

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welcome to dayzrp, where the videos you see of famous youtubers playing are really 6 hour long game time compressed into a 10 min video. cheerio

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It seems like you have had the quite the uneventful day but also very interesting.

I spent my first week of RP in Novo/Svet Area didn't meet a soul Decided to go to NWAF eventually got sick met a guy directed me towards GM then I passed out and died in front of him ..GREAT TIMES MY MAN!

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I think one of the first things I did was eat deer guts (No idea why) and had a whole day of roleplaying trying to recover from food poisoning. It was actually pretty fun. :)

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