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[All Frequencies] A Public Announcement

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*Increasing in frequency every 5 minutes, a pre-recorded message plays..*

*The radio crackles to life with a quiet jingle. The music plays as a unmistakable voice comes over the airwaves*

Good morning! The name's Nitro, host of Nitro's Wild World!

And I'm uh... Drew Griffin! Nitro's uh... cohost.

We are here to announce that we are going to be creating a newscast on the frequency 101.7. But, we ran into a problem. We need some juicy stories from the people of Chernarus! If you want anything broadcasted, somebody found, current events, juicy news stories, or you want to put a hit on somebody, contact us on this frequency within 5 minutes or at our anonymous tip line at 101.1.

We'll see you there,


*The radio squeals as Nitro yells into the receiver and then goes quiet.*

*After 5 minutes pass, Nitro changes the frequency to the next one in line and the prerecorded message continues to play.*

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