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The Pursuit of Freedom

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*You pick up a dust covered journal, it is stiff to open. On the front cover, Liuz Kzalowca is written on it in gold. A green white ribbon is tied to it; there is dried up blood smeared all-over it. The first paragraph if difficult to read, the led from the pencil is smeared and the top-half of the page is covered in dried-up blood.*

Journal Prologue

These are troubled times. This once powerful nation is now neglected, abandoned, disregarded.

We are the few, who fight for what is right. We protect the good people of Chernarus and fight off those who mean to harm. We are the ones, who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice for this nation and its people. We are the few who stare evil straight in the eyes; and dance with the devil on a day-to-day basis. We continue till the very end; when we are at our very end, there is no fear, no love lost when a fellow brother fights valiantly and loses. We do not mourn our dead, but celebrate their life; for they look over us up above. They are now our guardian-angel, they watch us and protect us. 

Bound by blood, I am ready to lay down my life for my brothers, as I know they will do the same for me. Once they were strangers, now they are my kin; and I will protect them at all costs, even if it means death. If it forfeit, then I choose forfeit. 

When you see those wearing the covert green beret of the CDF, do not fear them; as they will lay down their life down, even if they have never seen you before. They will pay the ultimate sacrifice for you, fellow Chernarussian. They are the fearless, they are undaunted. 

I was once foreign to these lands; but nevertheless, I am proud of my Polish origins. Even though I do not come from these lands, I was welcomed as a brother. They see me no differently to those who are of Chernarussian descent. I am one of them; one who will lay down their life for these lands, for these people, for a cause I see just. To rid these lands of a common enemy, the communists who attempt to enslave the people of Chernarus, and enforce a pro-Russian puppet government, a regime as it is more commonly known as. I will rid these lands of the enemy, or I will die trying. I will not give up, only until the gritty end. I am most certainly fighting for a cause I am willing to die for. 

Ridding these bastards is all I think about, I know their history; this is most certainly the purest of all evil. The genocide and persecution of the innocent, the destruction of livelyhood's and the pillaging of towns, cities and villages. 

I carry the mark of a true soldier. I am one of the few who carries an edelwiess; an extremely rare species of flower that only grows in extremely specific terrain. It is said that only the brave and determined can find it. Many have fallen who have carried it, I am more than willing to join that group. I may only be young, at the very young age of 19, I have already experienced more than some people do in an entire lifetime.

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