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Broadcasting to the USAF --97.5--

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~* Static *~

Hello? Does this thing work? Hello?.... *Sigh* ~* Slight interference *~ 

This is Magnus Forester contacting the USAF we met at the prison Island about a week ago 

~* More Interference *~ 

Damn thing... listen if you're hearing this I was hoping I could tag along for a short time. It would be nice to have a safe location I could rest my head for awhile or provide a helping hand in whatever you might need!

Please contact me! Over.

~* Static fills the air as the transmission ends *~

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*Shane's eyes widen as he hears the familiar voice come across his radio*

"Magnus! This is Shane! It's good to hear from you my friend! If you need a place to stay, I would love to meet up with you somewhere! Just give me a location and we can meet up again."

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~* I smile when I hear Shane's voice, I press the transmission button *~

It's good to hear from you Shane, Good to hear. I'm currently in Svetlojarsk and will remain there for a few days!

I hope to see you soon. Out.

~* I release the transmission button and lean back on my pack inspecting my weapon *~

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*Shane smiles at Magnus's location*

"I'm afraid I am a good distance from you. I am actually closer to Green Mountain than Svetlojarsk. The rest of my friends in the USAF should be close by, but they may be sleeping. If I was closer I would definitely meet up with you my friend!"

*Shane shakes his head at the irony of the situation as he lets go of his radio's button*

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~* I push at the transmission button *~

I may need to head out soon, lots of infected. I hope to see you soon.

~* End of Transmission *~

~* I hold down the transmission button *~

Cancel that last, Will be holding here for awhile. intend to stay around the docks, please notify any USAF members in the area that I am friendly and to look for the white armband.

~* I end transmission and look off into the sea eating my can of beans *~

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