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To Nyleea/Jill

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-Finnr pushes down the the broadcast button on the radio while looking outside of the window to the sun set-


-After waiting for a little while and not hearing a reaction from the otherside Finnr decides to go sit down behind the piano he managed to tune. and thinks to himself-

*Playing out your emotions cant be that much of a problem can it....*


-Finnr stares at the strings still vibrating inside of the piano-

How did I manage to screw it all up so badly? How did I.. Sigh...

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*pauses for a moment on the high mountain top, seating herself on a nearby rock catching her breath for the climb up to this highest point has been hard and long and she needs to get back before she is missed. The morning sunrise reveals a panoramic view breathtaking in it's majesty and brings a temporary peace to her soul. As she sits gathering her thoughts and debating what her next step will be her radio comes to life, there is a lot of static in the transmission but the fact that she is even getting it at all surprises her. She recognizes Finnr's voice, but a lot of the words have been garbled by static, enough get's through though that his message has come across. She does not know how to answer him and get's lost in thought again. It is as she decides to ignore the transmission and get's to her feet to go back down the mountain and return to the camp that she stumbles and drops the radio that was loosely held in her hand, as she is reaching for it a piano begins to play and the signal is strong and clear. She remains motionless as she listens, afraid any movement will disrupt the signal and listens as it plays out. As the last note echo's down the mountain she picks up the radio and hits the transmit switch*

*static*...listening now...when he..*static*....terms....understands...*static*....home soon.

*a soft sigh is heard as she ends the transmission, hoping some of it got back to them, she is so tired*

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**A man not many people have seen, or even few had even known of returns to the land he was assigned after delivering a broadcast to organization. Marschall Alder breathed in deeply as he looked over the landscape of South Zagoria. He smiled lightly at the sight. Even with all he has done, he could still appreciate the land and beauty around him. Then, as he was about to leave the edge of the cliffs, his radio turned on from the static that ensued before. Pulling it out, fine tuning the frequency, and turning up the volume, he listened in to the man, and his sad broadcast, plus the music. He smiled at the tune as the man played the piano. Somehow if fit the view that he was witnessing. Then Nyleea's, or should he say the Alpha's came in. His spine ran cold, and his fingers numb. Outside no one saw anything, but inside, Alder knew that a dangerous game is a about to begin, a game between an Information Agent against a Recovery Agent. He smiled lightly at the prospect of it.

Looking across the hills one more time, he then started his walk down the trail of the mountain, thinking of plans and tactics against his one and only true threat to him. He was never afraid of the organization in the first place, and he never will be. They gave him all the skills he needed to disappear if needed. In fact, he really thought that the only one who could find him would be Nyleea. Alder chuckled, wondering how long before she found him, and when she did, Alder could think is how long he would suffer before he died.**

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