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A Neutral Party (Open Frequency)

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*Jax stares at the safe in front of him and realizes that things are not gonna change. All he has known since he was young will not resume. Time has stopped but he wants to continue what he has been taught. He picks up his radios and turns it on.*

"Handling blood money ever day, watching men dump there rent and food money into this system. Whether it was betting on a fight, a race, or a match, only a few made it out lucky. Every time a big 'event' happens people drop their money off at this pub to keep things equal and prevent problems. Afterwards the Mafia would stop by and pick up the money to distribute it to the winners and keep there cut. Everybody needed a neutral party for these types of things....my father was that party."

*Tries to gather his words to say what he wants the first time around*

"After taking over the family business I had a job to continue. I was a messenger between people placing bets and gangs to keep people calm and hopefully keep bullets in the magazine for a change. I carried messages from town to town and collected the money that was being used for such bets. Everybody knew me and I could not tell whether that would be a good thing or not, but like I said I didn't have a side. The worst of the worst treated me like family. ...As of right now I don't think anyone knows me anymore after hiding for the past few months. The reason I am contacting you, if anybody is even listening to me rant, is to tell you I'm coming back. The group conflicts I have seen from afar could have ended differently if I chose to step in. This messed up world needs another neutral party, and just like my father...I will be it"

*Jax stands up and takes a sip from his water bottle, then clicks the radio on again*

"I wish to meet you soon, friends"

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