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CDF SZ Scouting Unit Logs - CO's Excerpts

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Expedition Log #0001:

Mission: Gather critical supplies and intel from South Zagoria

Commanding Officer: FLt. Erik Kratochvil, 3rd Rotary Airborne

Date: 30/07/2015

Status: Packing up and Setting Out

Never thought it would have to come to this. After all this time of us surviving here, just getting our sorry souls from day to day - I never believed for a second we would be forced back into South Zagoria, but it seems desperation's forced us out. The troopers around the camp have been applauding and cheering for us few brave souls setting out to South Zagoria to gather some supplies to keep them all afloat. I was actually surprised at how few troops have volunteered for this mission, but then again - I can't blame them - between all the rumours and heresay that we've been getting from there - on top of the intelligence Luka managed to gather during his time in that hellhole...it sounds like we'll have to deal with South Zagoria once we've gotten the Capitol and the rest all stabilised in this godforsaken mess...I don't think the shock's even worn off yet. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen the Capitol after the fighting had subsided and me and my crew could come up for air...I could hardly recognise the Capitol - between all the rubble, smouldering buildings and hordes of Infected, the place felt off. Alien even. I felt that I could never belong there again...

If I'm brutally honest - me and the guys are scared shitless about going back into the initial crisis zone, but if it's not us - it'd be someone else...it feels like I'm marching myself and the rest of the team to our own demise. We're pretty spent on ammunition, and half of us might as well have not bothered bringing guns - Barely a magazine each. Nothing to really boast about in regards to weapons - standard issue AK-74's for the most part. I just hope the quatermaster's feel like they've given us enough rounds between us to deal with any threats on the way to South Zagoria - but I doubt we'll have any rounds left by the time we get there.

Let's just hope we don't run into too much trouble.

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