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Guest bobman235

making my way out {John Shade} {For The Trust}

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Guest bobman235

*You hear a male voice coming from your radio*

"Hello to all. my name is Johnathan shade or just "Shade" as most of you know me. I am broadcasting this in the wake of axle chief rike's kidnapping... and possible death. if this is the case and chief is dead I would just like to say sorry for not being able to say good buy. For all members of the Trust, or those that remain after recent events. You have noticed a madman talking about carving things into peoples chests over the radio. That would be my good buddy Jack Dufan. He is doing me a favor by looking for this "Nyleea" and although he has a big bark. He is not to kill her. As a favor to me he is going to bring her to you, The Trust. And if not you then the regulators. Please do me a favor and let him help you, at least meet with the man. As for me, I am heading out of this god forsaken land for the last time. Heading to Ice Land, hoping to find something.

*You hear a loud huff as he keeps talking*

"I thought what better way to go out then with song. I found this old music player a ways back and just now found a use for the thing. I hope this message finds you all well, and if not then... well. keep going"

*You hear his set his radio on a table and then the small click of a tape recorder before the music starts in a loop of one song until the battery runs out*


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