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[Open Frequency] Survivors of Stary Slaughter

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Collie looks to his right, Kyle standing attentively, face in palm. To Collie's left is his brother Phin, pushing at the dirt with his bloodied boot. His jacket also crimson stained, despite Phin's healthy body. It wasn't his blood.

Collie winced in pain as he sat upright, and clicked the Radio to life,

"Hello, to anyone receiving this transmission, and I hope some of you might just be some fellow survivors, like myself. I am with my brother Phin, and third known survivor Kyle. God damn, my mind is a mix of emotion, pain, and confusion. We made it out of Stary and off to Green Mountain, and if any of you are listening, please come. We can patch you up..."

About to end, Collie reconsiders and continues,

"To anyone unaware, my name is Collie Copeland. We just made our way from Stary, where myself and a small group of travelers banded together with the leadership of Jack Steele. He led us from Green Mountain, to Stary, looking for adventure. But what we got in turn was a firefight, leading to the death of my many newly found friends. I don't know who or what group we encountered... But they were dangerous and shot shortly after meeting our group. Like I have stated, only three of us survived, and those cowards ran as soon as they got their shots in. Luckily, their cowardice failed to let them finish their job. Remember that mistake, Stary Slaughterers, I promise we won't forget."

Collie looks to his left and right. Only now, Kyle and Phin have serious looks on their faces. Looks of anger. Collie Understands.

"And you, with that thick Irish accent? Yea, we remember your voice."

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*Moses listens to the radio transmission, a look of concern appears on his face and presses down on the send button.*

"I cannot speak for long, battery is low. Green Mountain is not safe, repeat Green Mountain is not safe. Due to your transmission, your attackers might now know your location, I suggest you move as soon as you can gather your supplies. I'm too far from your location to help, I'm sorry, good luck."

*Moses eases the pressure on the send button and turns his radio off, he takes a sip from a bottle of water and starts to move North in the treeline keeping the sea on his right.*

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*Miko hears that the voice say they are at Green Mountain and hits his radio hard against his head then presses the button down*

...why... does everyone seem to think being at Green Mountain is a good idea?

The other guy ripped the words right from my mouth


It was a semi safe place once but not anymore, many of my friends have had some trouble there myself included

DONT make a habit of going there... goodluck to you and your companions my friend...

*releases the talk button and sits at the picnic table next to him*

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Collie gulps at air his lungs will not take in. Fear striken, his shaky hand presses the radio button with a *click*,

"Uh... Oh man, We just didn't know where else to go... Phin and I are from the coast, we don't make our way up often. Kyle here is a mere butcher from Berezino on the coast. We heard tales of a trading post up here-"

*There is a pause in the transmission, and heavy, feared panting from three men could be heard*

"Where do we go? What do we do? Where is it safe to go? Any settlements??"

*Phin grabs the talkie from Collie*


The transmission ends.

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*Miko grabs his radio and responds*

don't panic buddy... Dolina... no I don't know if its safe anymore... shit...

I don't know of any outposts or anything but I am far up north and well, I've never found anyone just yet...

I'm not asking you to trust me or find me however but up north seems to be the safest bet...

Until you can figure out whose friendly and whose not...


*flicks off the talk button*

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*He presses the transmit button to respond to the man, regular USAF style*

"This is Captain Frank Thompson of The United States Armed Forces and Officer In Charge of The Marine Detachment, and I'm glad to hear you are alive son. First off, I'll let you know that our boys run ops around there quite often, most recently last night. By ops I mean security on the mountain. Anyways, blue armbands and that's us, well, there are imposters around now. Anyways, when we're there, you're safe. It's a popular place, it may be attacked when we're there and our safety could be compromised, but yours will not. If we or another good occupying force isn't there and you wish to leave, head north, above the Northern MSR and hang there, fortify a house or get a tent in the woods nearby for a while, just relax up there. Biters aren't doing any big movements so far from what I can tell so it should be relatively clear up there, from people and them. Also, if you could contact the USAF on 97.5 (//TS Channel) about your attackers, that would be great, so that way we can try and stop them as best we can. Thank you, this is Frank, out."

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"Okay... Okay... My brother and I are paramedics, heading up North. Green MT Is most definitely not safe anymore as it once seemed. I remembered it as a trading outpost. Now, it seems it is a place for the weak to gather, just to be taken out by the stronger."

Collie stopped speaking. His mind raced, and he remembered. Reaching in his bag, Collie took out a bloodied piece of paper.

"I have something, something that seems important. Those people, I think they called their land 'The Kingdom" or something. In the midst of their attack, and an effort to grab whatever supplies of mine I had dropped, I seemed to have grabbed some sort of documentation, stating some sort of important decision. But most importantly, whoever these people are, they attacked, and killed us. Good people."

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*He has a confused look on his face and responds anxiously*

"Contact us immediately. 97.5 I repeat 97.5 on the radio. Tell them Frank told you and I want you to read that paper to us and explain what happened at Green Mountain. Please, this can really help us and other people if my suspicions are correct. Frank, out."

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*hears "The Kingdom" as he is leaving Stary Yar and answers*

I've only heard of The Kingdom once... just about 10 or so minutes ago now that I think about it...

gonna need to do some diggin on this...

*puts his radio in his jacket and continues walking*

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